Jun 15

Two Months with Ivy


Our sweet Ivy girl is officially two months old and it has been our greatest joy to watch her grow and witness her little personality continue to unfold. She has changed so much over the last few weeks, and it is both exciting and heart-wrenching all in the same breath. Most notably…she’s begun to smile and her big gummy grin is my favourite thing in the entire world. She’s also discovered her hands (though she still has no idea what the heck to really do with them), she’s completely head over heels for her dad, and she’s been working hard on both her cheeks and her wrist rolls with great success.

This month I celebrated my first mother’s day wherein she gave me the gift of five whole hours of sleep in a row, flourless chocolate cake for breakfast, and a future day at the spa once everything opens back up again (she’s really good at gifts, it seems!) She’s brought more joy to our family than we ever thought possible, and we’ve officially entered the “what the heck did we ever do with our lives before she was here” phase of this journey. I am head over heels for this tiny being, and being her mother is the by far the best role I’ll ever have the pleasure of tackling. Here are a few moments from our second month together. 

Month 0-2{our first mother’s day together}
Month 2 - 8{completely obsessed}

Month 2 - 7{dad gets the BEST smiles}

{my entire heart}

{tiny toes}

Month 2 - 1

{headed out to our first social distancing family barbecue}

{keeping cozy}

{my dad holding her for the first time}


Month One
She’s Here!

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  1. Peg says:

    She’s beautiful! You are blessed!! xoxo

  2. Jane West Hammond says:

    Ivy is absolutely precious. I’m so happy for you! Dad’s always get the best smiles but mom’s get the sweetest cuddles! ☺️

  3. Nadia says:

    Our girls are just a few weeks apart and you are echoing so much of what I’m feeling right now! Motherhood is so much more special than I even imagined. Ivy is so sweet (and well dressed!) you are rocking it mama!

  4. Joelle says:

    They grow sooo quickly! Soak up this time, even if it isn’t the easiest. Ivy is gorgeous (and I love her name!).

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