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What’s On Our Registry

What's On Our Registry | lark & linen

I have to admit, because of the fact that I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy (that is to say, as “easy” as a pregnancy can be!), I feel like I’ve had more moments than not where it truly doesn’t feel real.  There have, however, been a few key events over the last couple of months that have definitely made it all come together… Feeling her kick for the first time was a pretty major one (something I will never, ever forget). Assembling our crib and installing our carseat were two other pretty exciting “um there’s legitimately going to be a baby here soon” realizations. And finally: putting together our baby registry. It wasn’t something I had necessarily thought much (or at all) about prior to getting pregnant, so it felt a little overwhelming at first – but I ended up getting so much joy out of the whole experience once we got started.

Justin and I definitely tend to be more of a quality over quantity family, and because our house is pretty tiny we’ve wanted to be particularly careful with the amount of stuff we bring in. Watching our ecological footprint and opting for organic items wherever it made the most sense was important to us. Selecting items that are more on the gender neutral side and can be used for baby number 2 (and beyond) was also top of mind. And, because I can’t help myself, aesthetics also played a huge role. With all that in mind, I will admit that I’ve been super picky about our registry and spent a ton of time researching just about every last aspect of every last product. Following are the goodies that made our final list*…

ps – This is not sponsored by any means, but because I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this on Instagram, we used Babylist for our baby registry and I highly recommend it. I loved that you could pull from anywhere on the web to add to your registry, especially considering there were a number of uniquely beautiful one-off brands, like Etsy shops, SollyPehr, & Gathre, that I really wanted to support

What's On Our Registry | lark & linen


1. Knotted hat (these are SO soft) | 2. Swaddle blanket | 3. Plush bunny

4. Bodysuits (we stocked up on these) | 5. Little lamb mobile | 6. Wipes holder

7. Humidifier | 8. Stroller cup holder (necessary.) | 9. Stroller

10. Bassinet sheet | 11. Bibs (even cuter in real life) 

12. Silicone & wood teether | 13. Baby wrap | 14. Changing pad

What's On Our Registry | lark & linen


1. Pacifier clip (so chic!) | 2. Zebra bookend 

3. Pacifier (my friends swear by these ones – plus look how cute!)

4. Nipple butter | 5. Swaddle blanket | 6. Carseat

7. Jumper set (we stocked up on these, too)

8. Sleep bag (legit the softest) | 9. Burp cloths

10. Velvet hangers | 11. Milkmaid tea | 12. Sensory blocks (cute & practical)

13. Lavender lotion | 14. Bamboo cotton washcloths | 15. Bath support

What's On Our Registry | lark & linen


1. Swaddle blanket set (these are outrageously lovely in person – super luxe)

 2. Push toy | 3. Pom pom hamper

4. Sophie la giraffe teether | 5. Nose Frieda filters | 6. Brush set

7.  Moses basket (supporting female artisans in Ghana) & basinet liner

8. Moon rattle | 9. Crib mattress

10. Rocking basket stand | 11. Nail clippers 

12. Diaper bag (splurge-y but I hear it’s worth every penny)

13. Wipes travel case | 14. Reusable nursing pads | 15. Stokke highchair

Photo: Belinda Love

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  1. Pia says:

    You won’t regret the uppababy vista stroller and Mesa car seat combo!! I have it and I love it so much.

  2. Karli says:

    You didn’t ask, but you 1000% need a white noise machine. Especially in a small home. The noise cancelling is life a saver! My kids are 3.5 and 5 and we all have one in our rooms (the kids’ machines are as old as they are) and the kids are totally conditioned to sleep when we turn them on. Trust me! And congratulations.

    • I’ve heard this from a few people! I’ve also heard from a few people that noise machines did nothing for them, ha – these things seem to totally vary from person to person so it’s hard to know what’s what especially as a first timer. Our current approach is to get the *essentials* and then purchase things as we find we need them (ie: if she’s a light sleeper we’ll absolutely grab one!) I appreciate your advice though, truly <3

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