Travelling is my kryptonite and it’s a dream to design projects all over the world however, my time is a lot more limited since having my daughter. At this phase of my life I’m not taking on full-service design projects outside of Ontario but that will absolutely change when she’s a little older and I'm in a different season of life. I do offer virtual design services, which is great option to consider for out of town projects. 

How far will you travel?


The earlier the better! I am currently only available to take on a few projects at a time so I tend to book up really quickly. Reaching out as far in advance as possible is always a good idea to ensure my availability.  That said, you never know - things fluctuate and sometimes I'm able to squeeze something in - please always feel comfortable asking. 

how soon should I reach out to you?


My clients and their concerns are always my number one priority. If they ever express that they aren't comfortable with me sharing details of their home, I respect it implicitly. That said, most of my clients find me through my design blog or Instagram, where I share all of my sources freely, and as a result they're often of the same mindset. I, personally, believe that we all benefit when knowledge is shared, which is why I don't typically gatekeep. But I completely respect that everyone has different comfort levels on this topic, and always follow my client's lead.

I notice you share a lot of your sources. What if I don't want my sources shared?


Ideally, you would hire your designer right at the onset of your project, alongside your architect and engineers. Getting an interior designer involved right away allows you to really take advantage of our expertise from day one. It gives us the opportunity to consult and sort out any early onset details that don't typically fall on an engineer or architects shoulders, and are often overlooked. 

I've hired an architect and I know which contractor I want to work with. When should I hire an interior designer?


I have a Fujifilm X-T2, which is wonderful for travelling as it's a great quality camera and it's not terribly bulky. These days, however, I find myself using my iPhone 13 over everything else.

What camera do you use?


That’s exactly why I'm here! I have a thorough design questionnaire that I send to every new client as part of our
on-boarding process. It allows me to help you work through what you're looking for both in look and, almost even more importantly, in lifestyle.  

What if I don't know my design style?


It's absolutely not a requirement, but it does help. After being in the business for 15 years I've vetted some of the trades, contractors, and architects around the city. Though there are never any guarantees, working with my team has often proven to be a much smoother, and much more enjoyable process overall, and it's a direction I typically recommend. Now, all that said, many of the trades that I still work with today originally came recommended by past clients, so I’m always willing to meet them and see if we’re a good fit.

Do i need to hire your recommended contractor or architect?