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The Third Trimester: We’re So Close!

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I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit of a strange time to be bringing a baby into the world right now. And while Justin and I have been doing our best to stay in our happy, positive bubble (which I feel is super important for our little family right now – this is such a sacred time), it definitely hasn’t been easy!

I’ve really loved putting together these little pregnancy updates, if for no other reason than I selfishly love taking the time to sit down and get all of these thoughts on paper (and having them to look back on throughout the years). I also know that a lot of you are in a very similar phase of life and thought it might be helpful to share where we’re at, how we’re coping, and how we’ve been doing around here during the third trimester of our pregnancy. 

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How far along are you?

As of today, I’m 39 weeks and 4 days along – just three days shy of our expected due date! 

[break]How have you been feeling mentally?

For the most part I’m honestly doing well – especially all things considering. I mean, I’ve had my moments, don’t get me wrong. The world definitely feels weighty right now with all things Covid-19 and it’s been challenging to not get sucked into it all, but I’m an eternal optimist always and forever and truly believe that there is something much bigger at play here.

I’ve been doing my best to remain focused on all of the silver linings, especially in moments where things feel particularly heavy, which always seems to help. Selfishly, I would realistically be hunkered down and not leaving the house all that often at this point in pregnancy anyway, so it’s been nice to have Justin (and the rest of the world!) home to keep me company. Solidarity, and all that jazz, am I right?

All the extra downtime and additional hands around the house has also meant that we’ve gotten so much done around here. Healthy meals have been made in abundance, my daily meditation and journalling practices have been priorities, and I’m getting a ton of sleep (so many naps!) which always makes a world of difference for my own mental health. Luckily the qualms I faced mentally during the first trimester (and a few times during the second) really haven’t been much of an issue lately, and for that I’m incredibly grateful. It also doesn’t hurt that we get to meet our baby girl so dang soon, and that alone is enough to get me through. 

The one thing I have noticed, however, is that I’ve felt super anti social lately. I mean, it’s kind of the perfect timing what with all of the social isolation mandates in place. But I’ve had so many friends and family members calling and texting regularly to check up on us. It has been so nice, and we feel so loved, but responding to said calls and texts, and especially chatting on the phone has felt really overwhelming. The introvertedness (totally a word!) is very, very, real right now. I’m definitely feeling the serious urge to protect my energy and just stay in my own little bubble. I’m trying my best to honour how I’m feeling but it’s been difficult to not feel guilty about neglecting everyone, especially because I know everyone is just excited (and/or nervous!) and wants to give us love. (If I owe you a call, email, DM, or message please know that I love you and we’re doing great :) 

{folding all of the tiny adorable baby things}

{nursery sneak peek!}

How have you feeling physically?

When I was still working things were definitely a lot more challenging physically. Hip and back pain were tough, and my body would definitely let me know when I was overdoing it, which was often – especially towards the end there. I’ve always been an advocate for listening to your body and it’s signals, and have taken that particularly seriously this trimester. I ended up sneaking out a little early for my mat leave, and since then I’ve felt pretty amazing. 

I am tired, which is to be expected, but I actually found out that my iron levels were a little low a few weeks ago and I feel like a new person since I’ve started taking additional supplements. I swear the first and second trimester were more physically taxing than this one has been for me lately. I know it’s odd but I’ll take it! Sleep isn’t easy, but I’m still getting a ton of it even if it is interrupted with regular bathroom breaks. I haven’t had any other symptoms other than the odd ache or pain, all of which have been totally manageable. I’m feeling very grateful for all of the above! 

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Are you ready? 

We are!! I still have to send out our thank you cards from our baby shower (which was so long ago now, eep), which are all written and just sitting at our front door, and from there everything is officially crossed off our to-do list. We seriously cannot wait to meet this little bundle. I’m convinced she’s coming here to do some pretty big things – I mean, she chose this strange time for a reason, right?

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How are you prepping for labour and birth?

Justin and I took a hypnobirthing course and it was a complete game changer for us. I will definitely let you know how we felt it worked once we’re on the other side of things, but it has made me feel not only ready, but excited to go through the labour and birth process. I can’t wait to see what my body and my baby are capable of – women are super heroes as far as I’m concerned! I mentioned this in my second trimester update, but the Ina May Gaskin book has also been instrumental in helping me prepare, mentally and physically, for an all natural birth (so long as everything goes to plan, of course, and I’m fully aware and prepared for the fact that it very well may not, and that’s okay, too!)

I’m also still drinking my red raspberry leaf tea, I’ve started eating dates every day (an old Iranian trick to help soften your cervix!), eating whole foods, staying hydrated, and walking as much as I’m able to! 

[break]Where do you plan on giving birth? Has Covid-19 affected your plans? How are you dealing with it?

This has, admittedly, been the most challenging part for me mentally, especially the last few days. As of right now our original plan to labour and deliver naturally at a birthing centre is still a go, but everything seems to be changing pretty rapidly. We had a midwife appointment earlier this week wherein she went over all of the potential possibilities we could be faced with as things progress over the next few weeks, which was quite overwhelming. There is a chance we’ll end up at the hospital after all, depending on how things go, which I was really hoping to avoid even prior to this pandemic. And as of right now there’s the tiniest chance that Justin won’t be able to join me, which is absolutely devastating and something that I can’t even think about right now. Doing a home birth is on the table now, too, so yes – there are just a ton of unknowns right now which isn’t easy for a Type-A control freak :)

I gave myself a day to process all of the information, but ultimately have decided that everything is going to work out exactly as it should. The reality is that there are so many unknowns alongside this experience as is, so this is really just par for the course. Another layer added onto the journey! I’m trusting that whatever is supposed to happen will happen, and I do feel like we’re in the very best of hands, despite the nutty circumstances. 

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Have you had any labour symptoms?

Absolutely nothing! I swear I had more labour symptoms a few weeks ago than I do now. Baby girl seems pretty comfy in there, and I’m still quite comfortable myself these days, so we’ll see how it goes! A big part of hypnobirthing is just trusting your body to do what it is that it needs to do, so I’m really leaning into that right now and trust she’ll come when she’s ready.

{packing our hospital bag <3 | leggings | similar hospital bag | similar rug}

{picking her “going home” outfit <3 | hat | pants | sweater}

What’s in your hospital bag?

My sweet and talented friend Kaylee put together a hospital bag checklist when she had her first last year and I basically just copied her, ha! I tend to be a light packer, and the birthing centre sends you home 3 hours (or so) after your baby arrives, so I used my discretion and didn’t bring everything she suggested. But I do feel like it’s a really solid place to start, especially if you’re birthing at a hospital and will have a longer stay!


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  1. Michelle says:

    Wishing you so much love and smooth birthing my friend lol! Have loved your updates & just know you’re going to rock it, and be the best mama. Here if you need anything! x

  2. Casey Finn says:

    So excited for you, Jacquelyn! I’m 35 weeks and getting eager to meet our baby girl. So happy to hear you’re feeling well. If you don’t mind me asking, where are the storage containers from with the baby clothes? Trying to get our nursery all organized!

  3. Kendall says:

    Good luck – crazy the next time you post she will probably be here! As a first time mom 20 weeks along (actually had anatomy scans today!) it is a strange time to be pregnant no doubt, but sounds like you have a great mindset about it all and at the end of this, a surreal story to share with baby girl :)

    Sending positive vibes for this last step!


  4. Peg says:

    You’re just as cute as ever! Wishing you and Justin the best possible “birth day” for you and your baby girl!! I’m rooting for a little “Gwen”! xoxo

  5. Faith Weinstock-Shmuel says:

    So excited for you , you look beautiful!
    Good luck.

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