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The Two Things That Can Make or Break a Renovation

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Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I can be quite opinionated when it comes to interior design. I mean, if Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule holds any truth, I definitely feel confident in my abilities as I’m convinced I spend the vast majority of my days thinking, talking, or writing about design in some capacity. It is, really and truly, my passion through and through. And with thirteen plus years of regular practice under my belt, there are two interior design related things I know to hold true. One: attention to detail is paramount. And two: your team can make or break a renovation project. 

This isn’t the first time I’ve chatted about “attention to detail”, but I’ve never really discussed the importance of finding your people in much depth. When it came to my mom’s kitchen renovation, which was under construction during my third trimester of pregnancy (ie: not exactly ideal), I’ve never before needed to lean on my team quite as heavily. And I know for certainty that it would not have fully come together without them (if you’re reading this, you know who you are and I love you for it!) 

This rings especially true when it came to our custom window treatments. I’ve mentioned before that they’re the one thing I always insist my clients invest in (you can read about why here), and I still stand firmly by that post today. For this project we worked closely with Decorview, and the experience was truly flawless from beginning to end. 

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Marisa, our Decorview consultant, was such a gem and took the time to go through my laundry list of inspiration images prior to our first consultation, for which she was impeccably prepared. She brought all of the fabric samples to my mom’s place and she was so thorough, explaining the benefits and the pitfalls of all of the options we were considering. And met us with the utmost patience when we couldn’t decide between two options (we were debating between the Hunter Douglas’ woven shade in “Burlap Sack” and a luxurious linen in “Greige-Brown”).

kitchen finishesAfter a lot of debate, we made a decision (hello linen!), she measured for our roman shades on the spot, and within a few short weeks they were ready to be installed. We were kept in the loop the whole way through, and she followed up regularly, unprompted, ensuring everything was on track and on time. This was such a huge weight off of my shoulders as it was one last thing I needed to worry about during the construction process, which – as anyone who has undergone a renovation can attest –  can often feel like a series of decision making, expectation adjusting, delays, and putting out fires if you don’t have the right team.

window treatments 2Photo: Lo Miller

The installer, John, was equally as lovely, and was in and out in a blink. It was so nice knowing that this one line item that I clearly feel very strongly about was completely handled with little to no involvement on my end, and I absolutely can’t recommend them highly enough. Truly, knowing I was in good hands was invaluable.

I mean, it also doesn’t hurt that they look, and function, beautifully, adding a softness and a layer of pure lovely to a space that’s typically filled with hard surfaces. It’s further proof that custom window treatments are always well worth it. I mean – take a peek at this video below (yes, we opted for the motorization option where the shades are controlled using a remote, which feels extra luxe in the very best way! My mom feels so very fancy, as she should.)

I also feel like it’s important to note that customized shades are essential for unique spaces like bay or corner windows, or in our case my mom’s patio door. 

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If you’re in the US or Canada and you’re considering custom window treatments, I highly encourage you to give them a try. Consultations are free, they can be done in person or virtually, and they’re incredibly helpful. 


Thank you to Decorview for sponsoring this post, and for partnering with us on #LLProjectMomsKitchen!

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