Sep 9

My New Home Office Inspiration

Office Inspiration | lark & linen

I have been pinning home office inspiration for years now so it feels good to be sharing this post after all this time. When we transformed my home office into our nursery, it ultimately meant that our guest bedroom was going to have to pull double duty and become a guest bedroom meets home office. Our guest room was the only space in our home that we hadn’t yet touched, and it housed a whole bunch of our former, largely mismatched, and inappropriately scaled condo furniture. Needless to say, I had been itching to transform it for years.

We actually finished my new home office space well before our nursery was complete (you can see that reveal here <3), but then the pandemic hit, and then I had a baby, and alas, I’m only getting to sharing the details behind it all now. But better late than never, right? 

Check out all of my home office inspiration below

While I absolutely adored my former home office (may she rest in peace), for this round I wanted to try something entirely different. My goal was to create a haven, of sorts. A more grown up version, if I’m being honest. A bright, airy, simple yet impactful space that I would enjoy spending a good chunk of my time in. A mix of warm tones, a hint of wood, and a clean slate was the name of my game here. Following are a few examples of the direction I had envisioned…

Office Inspiration | lark & linen

{home office inspiration}

Office Inspiration | lark & linen

{organic textures}

Office Inspiration | lark & linen

{bright, light & airy}

Office Inspiration | lark & linen

{traditional elements sprinkled throughout}

Office Inspiration | lark & linen

{subtle contrast & even more texture}

See below for the details behind how I translated the home office inspiration into reality, using most of our existing items no less. 


The Plan 

The Reveal


Photos: 1) Caitlin Flemming Design | 2) Cynthia Hayes | 3) Caitlin Flemming Design | 4) Urban Grace | 5) Pufik Homes | 6) Crystal Palecek

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  1. Josie says:

    Love these inspirations! I just recently transformed our extra room into an office too (guess that’s a common theme this year – hah!). Can’t wait to see more of how you transformed it!

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