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Ivy’s “Father of the Bride” Inspired Nursery Reveal

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At long last, I’m absolutely thrilled to be sharing every last detail of Ivy’s nursery. This project was such a labour of love for me, and it brought me so much joy to witness it all come together during my pregnancy. With photos that I’ll cherish forever from my beloved Heidi Lau , check it all out in all of its glory below, head on over to The Haven List for more, and grab any and all sources at the bottom of the post! heidilau-LL-nursery-office-100

As mentioned here, my goal was to create a space that felt intrinsically classic and feminine, much like the nursery in the “Father of the Bride” movie, which has been a longstanding nursery favourite of mine. In the same breath, I really wanted it to be a space that didn’t take itself too seriously. One that felt playful and whimsical, yet grounded in timeless elements that could grow with her as she does. 

To make it all happen, we selected a wallpaper that felt both elegant and a little youthful in a classic cream and white palette, which really helped set the stage (as wallpaper tends to do). A vintage dresser (that we found for a steal on Craigslist, no less!) instilled an additional layer of elegance, and is almost an heirloom piece that really helped elevate the entire room. 

To offset the more “grown up” elements, I teamed up with an incredible company to custom design a rug specifically for our girl (you can read more about that right here if you’d like! And you can also purchase the rug for yourself here, which is just beyond exciting for me, but I digress…) With a vintage rug as my main source of inspiration, we utilized many of the same principals but upped the ante and designed a piece that felt a little brighter, bolder, and just a hair more youthful. 

I’ve always been of the belief that every room needs a little bit of black to help ground everything. So we brought in a little dose in the form of a wrought iron crib, mirror, and a metal side table. I love that they add some much needed contrast, and feel a little unexpected in an otherwise almost saccharinely sweet space. 

We then hung some art that I had been saving for years now from some of my very favourite artists, many of which were gifts from generous clients and friends and hold the fondest of memories for me. And we made sure to include a piece from Paris since that’s where we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and it’s also the first time I just knew I was pregnant (even though all of the tests were coming back negative at the time). 

While I’m so thrilled with how it all came together visually, ultimately it’s a space that’s already filled with so much love, so much light, and so many wonderful gifts and moments from so many people who love our girl so fiercely. I truly can’t wait for her to start really and truly using the space and witness it evolve as she does.

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Photo: Heidi Lau | Design: Lark & Linen

Rug (ours is the 8’x10′) | Crib | Mattress | Chair | Dresser (vintage – similar here) | Side Table | Table Lamp | Mirror | Sheep Stool | Light Fixture | Bookshelf

Roman Shade | Wallpaper – trade only (can be ordered through Lark & Linen) – similar vibe here, here & here | Wainscotting 

Mobile | Crib Sheets | Crib Skirt | Sage Green Blanket | Toy Basket (old – similar) | Olive Plant | Bunny Rattle | Baby Doll | Knit Deer | Bunny Stuffy |  Green Toss Pillow (similar here)| Laundry Hamper | Llama | Vase (old – similar here) | Sophie the Giraffe Toy | Wipes Holder | Baby Brush & Comb | Baby Pillow | Bunny Slippers | Zebra Bookends (sold out – similar here) | Knit Blanket (old – similar here) | PacifierPastel Wooden Blocks | Bunny Car | Wood Teether | Baby Hangers

Blue and White Woven Art & Frame | Magnolia Art | Peony Art & Frame 

My Dress (old – similar here) | My Necklace | My Hair Clip | My Bracelet | Ivy’s Moccasins | Ivy’s Romper | Justin’s Shirt

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  1. Emma says:


  2. Effie says:

    I think nurseries in and of themselves are very special places, but Ivy’s is extra special. Such a gorgeous space, Jacquelyn! It is so warm and sweet…you have truly captured that balance of being the perfect space for parents & baby to enjoy, while also making it a space that can easily be transitioned into a little girl’s and then big girl’s room!
    Really loved that rug too! Such a perfect mix of classic & modern! Congrats! 💜
    Much love to you & your fam…and I hope Ivy is very happy in her new room!

  3. Faith Weinstock-Shmuel says:

    Stunning …. Ivy is a lucky girl!!!

  4. Keira says:

    This is such a beautiful baby room. I have been looking for a rug similar to this for my daughter’s room. Can you tell me where its from?

  5. Peg says:

    Every nook is so yummy and wonderful! Rug is stunning!! Lucky Ivy!!! xoxo

  6. Pich Muebles says:

    Great accessories and furniture use, really used the combination! Thanks for sharing

  7. Zayris says:

    Exquisite design and practical at the same time. Great balance!

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