Oct 8

My New Office: The Plan

Office Inspiration | lark & linen

When we transformed my former office into Ivy’s nursery (which you can see here, if you’d like!), I knew that I wanted to go a different direction with my new space. My original office (here!) will always hold a special place in my heart, however over time I began to tire of the busy wallpaper and really craved a calm and quiet place to call my own. In addition, with a baby on the way, we knew that having a guest bed of some variety would come in handy for nights when either Justin or I needed to catch up on some sleep. We didn’t want to invest a ton into the room so utilizing a lot of our former furniture pieces was key. In fact, we really only purchased a couple pieces of furniture (daybed and bookcase included) and a few new accessories to really tie everything together.  Here is the loose plan that we came up with before pulling the trigger… 

My New Office: The Plan | lark & linen

Photo: Caitlin Flemming

Desk | Rug | Daybed | Chair | Side Table | Bookcase  | Window Treatments (I used the organic cotton fabric in the colour Hemp) |
Coverlet | Shams | Sheets | Pillow Cases | Lumbar Cushion | Lamps | Plant | Chair Toss Cushion | Pendant Light | Abstract Art | Sassy Lady Art

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  1. Jenn Whiteley says:

    I have to thank you, I love your honesty with regards to the wallpaper. I absolutely love your old office. I remember when I first saw it I wanted to immediately do something very similar in my home office. But I never pulled the trigger, I was worried that with my personality (I have a hard time relaxing if I am busy or stressed) I would struggle even with a muted wallpaper. So I bought the herbal wallpaper from Anthropology with the idea of doing a little jewel box closet. Full disclosure, it is still waiting to be installed. But I’m kind of happy that I went with my gut and choose to love the rooms of all the talented designers that I follow and be happy with what works for me.

  2. Hardman says:

    The same lightness and grace are combined here with different styles of new furniture. A luxury french country armchair harmoniously combines

    with a table of the ancient Gustavian style. True charm of the individual work atmosphere in this really homely cozy office.

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