Mar 30

The Braided Faux Hawk


See this girl right here? I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her since high school and not only is she an incredibly talented event designer, but she also happens to be as amazing as she is beautiful. Throw in the fact that she has these crazy luscious blonde locks and, for as long as I’ve known her, has always come up with the most beautiful hair-do’s for everyday wear. Case in point: this wicked braided faux hawk. So naturally I took it upon myself to ask her how it’s done. And wouldn’t you know it? It’s not NEARLY as hard as it looks! With photos from the uber talented Heidi Lau, grab Lexi’s the step by step guide below!

ps – big hugs to the Everygirl for featuring this tutorial last week!

Braided Faux Hawk

instructions | STEP 1 | Grab all of the hair on the top of your head, and tease at the root of the hair to create texture for the braid. If desired, spray dry shampoo or texture spray for added thickness. 

| STEP 2 | Start by creating a dutch french braid down the center of your head, tucking bobby pins into the braid as you go. 

Braided Faux Hawk

| STEP 3 | Once the crown of your head has been dutch french braided, begin pulling 1/2″ strands of hair from the side of your head, and braid all the way until the end, securing with a clear elastic. 

Braided Faux Hawk
| STEP 4 | Tuck the bottom of the braid (the tail) underneath the main braid and pin to secure. 

Braided Faux Hawk

| STEP 5 | Gently pull apart the braid to create extra thickness, volume, texture and interest. Spray to secure.

Braided Faux HawkOthers braids in this series: the braided crown & the glam side braid

lineBraids/Model: Lexington & Co. | Photography: Heidi Lau | Concept, Design & Styling: Lark & Linen


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