Mar 31

House Envy: Pink Palm Beach House

Pink house

Growing up, there was this bright pink house at the end of our street that I was completely enamoured with. I vividly remember daydreaming about said pink house on the regular, and when my mom refused to coat our own home in this candy-coloured hue I promised myself that when I grew up I, too, would own a bright pink home. Fast forward twenty five years or so and said desire for a pink home has since dissipitated almost completely. That is, until now. And if the former pink beauty of my early years is half as lovely inside as this coastal-inspired Palm Beach House, I may need to re-think most everything!

Kitchen with exposed beams Sette Coastal charm Fireplace vignette Breakfast table Graphic bedroom



Photography: Brittany Ambridge

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  1. Michelle says:

    Do you know what the pink color is on the exterior of the house?

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