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How To: The Glam Side Braid

How to: the glam side braid

So I’m really bad at keeping secrets, and I’ve already let the cat out of the bag a few times about this collaboration, but I’m REALLY excited to introduce to you part one in what will be a four part braid series! I’ve teamed up with my beautiful friend and braid guru, miss Lexi of Lexington & Co., and the always fabulous Heidi Lau, photographer extraordinaire, to bring to you a collection of picture perfect, relatively simple, hair tutorials. First up: the glam side braid. Perfect for Christmas, New Years or heck, a random Monday morning when you’re feeling fancy. It’s elegant, it’s lovely, and with a little know-how, it’s totally and completely do-able! Simply grab the steps after the jump below. 

instructions| STEP 1 |
Give yourself a deep side part and then curl your entire head using a 1 1/2″ barrel curler. Spray using a flexible hold hair spray!

Beautiful hair how-to!

| STEP 2 | 
Create a dutch french braid along the side of your head, parallel to your part, stopping when your part ends. Here’s a simple dutch french braid tutorial if you need some help! It may be easier to practice on a friend at first but I promise it’s do-able. When complete, pin your braid to your head. 

Dutch french braid

| STEP 3 | 
On the opposite side of your head, grab an inch or two of hair, and back-comb it at the roots to give yourself some volume! 

Glam hair how-to!

| STEP 4 | 
Grab all of your hair and slowly twist it to the opposite side of the braid. 

How-to: glamorous hair

| STEP 5 | 
Using bobby pins, secure the twist in place! 

A simple side-do (grab the steps!)

| STEP 6 | 
Tousle as required. Every good hair do needs a good tousle, am I right?

Beautiful glam hair (that anyone can do!

| STEP 7 | 
Spray and go!

Note: Best enjoyed with a glass of fancy wine, and a hot night on the town. 

The glamorous side braid!

Braids by: Lexington & Co. | Photography: Heidi Lau

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