Jul 14

Scenes from my Weekend

{rooftop pool party}

I hate to glorify the word busy, but this summer has been absolutely insane thusfar. Between trips to visit my grandparents, weekends in Ottawa, bachelorette parties and the like, I’ve felt as if every single summer moment up until this point has been planned and scheduled to the minute. With the next couple of weekends jam-packed with an assortment of other activities, I was left with this weekend alone to do exactly as I saw fit. And though my days were still jam-packed with (ridiculously delicious) dinners at Pai, rooftop pool parties and late night french onion soup at the new Cluny Bistro, I can’t tell you how nice it was to not have any real commitments. It was a leisurely summer weekend of the best variety and I am one happy camper! Plus, I was finally able to get my roots all fixed up and if you’ve seen me at all in the last few weeks you would know that this was a longggg time coming. 

{rainboots and flowers at Wish}

{peanut butter chocolate birthday cupcake for a girlfriend}

{reliving our university days with watermelon jello “shots”}

{my feature in the UK Glamour Mag(!!!!)}

Images original to Lark & Linen
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