Jul 7

Scenes From My Sister’s Bachelorette

{bachelorette survival kits (tutorial to come!)}

When my older sister got engaged last summer, it wasn’t long before we started chatting bachelorette party ideas (I mean, obviously!) Originally, we intended to forgo the typical messy affair for a sophisticated weekend in Niagara On the Lake – wine tours, fancy suppers, adorable bed and breakfasts… the works! Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to revisit our grand plans at the top of the hour. And since NOTL was no longer on the table, we decided to embrace the traditional bachelorette in all of it’s tacky, messy, wonderful glory. And honestly? It was an absolute blessing in disguise. As it turns out, you’re never too sophisticated for glittery pink sunglasses, inappropriate cookies and jagerbombs (so long as you start the evening with champagne and italian feast, of course)! It was such an honour to be given the chance to help celebrate one of the most amazing people I know – and I truly can’t wait for her wedding in just a few short weeks! 

{pre-dinner photoshoots: mom, sister and I (wearing Tieks, Old Navy & Rachel Roy}

{bachelorette shenanigans}
{cutest bachelorette cookies ever from the Ibakery}

{the last of the seasons’ peonies for my sister (who also just bought a house!)}

{Seriously. An awesome weekend}
Images original to Lark & Linen
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