Jul 16

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About The Vault Files


Though I’ve made many friends during my stint in blogland, there are only a small handful I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting in person. Fellow Toronto blogger, Gaby Burger of the Vault Files, falls into that category. And in all honesty, she’s JUST as awesome as she comes off in her blog each and every day! Plus, she has a wardrobe I totally wouldn’t mind raiding. Read on for some bits and pieces about Gaby…

::A random fact::
I have mastered the art of lip syncing while running, and judging by the times I’ve been asked what I’m listening to, I may or may not put on a good show while doing so ;)

::Your go-to recipe::
Gotta be my green juice, and my energy bites. Both super super easy, healthy and delicious! Oh and I’ve been told I make a good pizza ;)

::One thing you never leave the house without::
Earrings and sunglasses! Though I have to admit, I always carry some sort of healthy snack in my bag.

::The best advice you’ve ever received::
Always see the positive side of things. These are words I live by and I apply this advice to every single thing I do. I think it’s something that comes from being grateful too, when you’re grateful, you focus on the good.

::Your number one blogging tip::
Stay true to your own voice, work hard, and organically connect to people.

::Your go-to cocktail::
I really don’t drink that much but fruity cocktails do it for me, gin does too.

::Your most prized possession::
My little guy. He owns my heart.

::On repeat::
Right at this moment I’ve been listening to Afterlife from Arcade Fire non-stop!

::Your most embarrassing moment::
Recently got on the streetcar, thought I had earphones plugged in and turned on the music on my iPhone. Because I was wearing headphones I thought the volume was too low, so I kept turning up the volume several times, until I realized that I was offering free (loud) music to everyone in the streetcar! Of course, I had to laugh at myself!

::Your happy place::
Anywhere with my son, my brothers, mom, dad, the whole family together!

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