Jul 1

Scenes from Thunder Bay

{packing for a weekend away}

On Friday evening we packed our bags and flew to North Western Ontario to visit my aging grandparents. Though Thunder Bay isn’t exactly the most beautiful city in the world, it’s filled with some of my personal favourite people. And what it lacks in architectural beauty, it more than makes up for in rushing rivers and towering pine forests. Seriously, the Canadian landscape is unlike anything else. In addition to the rustic surroundings, if you ever do find yourself over that way, it’s worth noting: their bowling alleys are totally on point. Like a time capsule straight from the 90’s. Also to note: I am a TERRIBLE, terrible bowler. You most certainly do not want me on your team. 

ps – notes from last summer in Thunder Bay right here

pps – The Hoito may be a world famous landmark, but the insides hurt my design loving soul. That said, their Finnish pancakes (with strawberry sauce) are kind of totally worth it… 

{en route to Grandma & Grandpa’s}

{my favourite 92 year old}

{Thunder Bay’s teeny tiny art gallery}

{Grandma in Florida c: 1970}

{beauty downtown Thunder Bay}

Images original to Lark & Linen
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