Apr 25

Get The Look: A Classic Patio

Patio season is the one season I tend to take pretty seriously, especially when it comes to outfitting it with classic patio furniture. I mean, you kind of have to when you live in Canada. The season tends to be short, but glorious, and I refuse to miss a moment of it.

I’ve recently become a big proponent of making our outdoor spaces as beautiful and inviting as our indoor space – encouraging me to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Suffice to say, I’ve been thinking a lot about our backyard as a result, and thought I’d share a little inspiration while it’s top of mind.

IN OTHER NEWS: my mother’s day shop has been updated

As we gear up for those warm, sunny days, let’s delve into the world of classic patio furniture. Picture the elegance of wicker chairs, the rustic charm of terra cotta pots, and the clean lines that define a classic, almost European-inspired oasis…

Photo: 1st Dibs


  1. Outdoor Hanging Lantern | 2. Scalloped Pot | 3. Planter Pot | 4. Outdoor Sofa | 5. Teak Coffee Table | 6. Cream Outdoor Pillow | 7. Floral Pillow | 8. Striped Outdoor Pillow | 9. Teak Chair


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