Apr 23

Chic Sustainable Products

Photo, Big Sur, California: Siobhán Danielle O’Dwyer]

In my journey towards better self-care (of both myself and my environment), sustainable products have helped play a pivotal role. Over the years, I’ve made slow but very intentional shifts that have no question changed the trajectory of my well-being. Things like eliminating toxins, eschewing plastic whenever possible, and curbing unnecessary purchases have all been a part of the journey. And I love to continue to lean into all things sustainable in anticipation of it becoming a cornerstone of my lifestyle.

Initially, I have to admit that I hesitated, fearing that going green meant sacrificing function or style. However, that perception couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, making eco-friendly choices is responsible and pretty darn cute while it’s at it.

It’s inspiring to see the abundance of sustainable products that seamlessly blend form and function. These items not only work efficiently but also elevate the aesthetics of everyday life. In celebration of Earth day (boy do I love it here!) here are a few I’m personally loving at the moment.

Chic Sustainable Products

  1. Canvas Tote | 2. Reusable Razor | 3. Soap Bar | 4. Reusable Cotton Pads | 5. Unpaper Towels | 6. RMS Clean Beauty Bronzer | 7. Bamboo Toothbrush | 8. Reusable Food Bag | 9. Compost Bin | 10. Palm Leaf Basket | 11. Klean Kanteen Bottle | 12. Glass Canister | 13. Saucepan Brush



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