Mar 23

Currently Coveting: The Moments In-Between

Though I am of course itching for spring to officially make it’s physical debut over here in Toronto, lately I find myself stopping to appreciate the tiny moments in between. The anticipation of spring is arguably just as exciting than the act itself, really. I’m still very much into the crisper mornings, huddled up with a hot cup of coffee. And the fact that they’re significantly brighter and way less gloomy than months past is a massive bonus. Meanwhile, the afternoons as of late have been filled with nothing but clear skies. The warmth of the sun is turning the snow into squishy puddles that my almost-three-year-old loves to splash in.

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Essentially, it’s cozy-sweater-and-jeans-weather meets the reintroduction of sneakers and bare ankles. And you know what? It’s pretty darn magical in and of itself. Because ’tis the season and all that fun stuff, I wanted to share a few things I have tucked away in my virtual shopping carts at this moment in time. Some pre-spring shopping, if you will.

Pre-Spring Shopping…


1. Dainty leaves wallpaper | 2. Faux thistle plant | 3. New Balance trainers

4. Faux herbiflora wreath | 5. Woven tote | 6. Skinny braided headbands

7. Nassau photo frame | 8. Slim vintage jeans | 9. Custom address plaque

10. Matthews sconce | 11. Footed bowl | 12. Floral stem print set

13. Jaz dining chair | 14. Bloom woven rug 

15. Alpaca crew sweater
(note: I actually own this and it’s one of the most worn items in my closet)

16. Cement woven planters



Design: Ali Henrie Design | Photo: Tiek Design Group

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