Mar 20

Happy Spring

Photo: Zory

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t find this winter as difficult as I typically do for some reason. I’m convinced that it’s because I’ve been diligent about staying on top of my mental health, more so than ever lately. Plus, we’ve been making it our mission to bundle up and actually get ourselves outside daily this year. That’s really been a game changer (I even bought snowpants, ha – for the record *also* a game changer). But nevertheless, the fact that it’s officially the first day of spring is beyond exciting. And, weirdly, feels like it snuck up on me? That never happens.

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I saw a robin in the neighbours tree just the other day. It was enough to give me that wave of excitement for what’s to come. The snow is slowly but surely melting around here,* and I can’t wait to start digging back into our garden once more. I have so many plans! All this to say… in celebration of the first day of spring, here are a few inspiring moments that are getting me in the mood. Hopefully they help bring a little joy and excitement into your life, too. Happy first day of spring, my friend!

*this might be wishful thinking, and very well could come back to haunt me but one can remain optimistic


Photo: La Divine Comedie Avignon
Photo: Kelly Ventura
Photo: Jason Ingram
Photo & Design: Studio Mcgee
Photo: Shop Parterre
Photo & Design: Heidi Cailler
Design: Intimate Living Interiors | Photo: Karyn Millet


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