Mar 28

A Luxury Kid-Friendly All-Inclusive Resort

We recently came back from vacation and it was such a wonderful treat. We used to be such avid travellers but kind of fell off the last few years (for obvious reasons). Having a baby in the thick of the pandemic definitely shifted things for us. Travelling became a non-option, and then that became our norm. It wasn’t until we were driving to the airport did I realize how desperately I had missed that buzzy pre-vacation feeling. In addition to this being the first trip we’ve taken in years, it was our daughter’s first trip ever – which only compounded the joy.

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We stayed at the Hilton, Cancun, and I kid you not it was the best all inclusive experiences we’ve ever had, which is why I feel the need to share about it. It really felt like we were staying at a lovely hotel that happened to have delicious cocktails and a killer chef serving free food at all hours of the day. The dream, really, is it not?


Note: I also started a travel toys shop here – it’s filled with all of the things we actually used and actually loved on this trip. I’ll be adding to it as I stumble across new things!

Everything was brand new and beautifully designed, which is always a treat. The best part is that it was absolutely kid-friendly, too. The kids pool/splash pad was an entire experience of its own. Throw in kids cooking classes, an epic park, an indoor playground, a churro-meets-ice-cream bar… and we had a happy little one on our hands.

the cutest swimsuit

It was a luxury kid friendly all inclusive resort through and through – for both adults and kids alike. It was so nice to slow down, to spend time with family, and to not have to worry about a single thing. To this day Ivy still asks when we’re going back (and tbh I’m with her).

It was a luxury kid friendly all inclusive resort through and through – for both adults and kids alike.

As an added bonus, it has completely re-ignited our love for travel once more. I seriously can’t wait to show our daughter all the beauty our world has to offer. It’s going to blow her adorable little mind.

Here’s a peek at our trip…

As an aside, we’re planning on doing a trip to Europe this fall – even daydreaming about travelling once more is thrilling. If you’ve ever taken a toddler somewhere (anywhere!) in the world and loved it, I’d love to hear about it.


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  1. Le a says:

    Beautiful! You should be a travel agent too…we were recently in Zanzibar and stayed at chuni because of your review!

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