Nov 1

Life, Lately: A Downtown Toronto Adventure

I’m not going to lie, life has been absolutely insane lately and I am a whole new level of exhausted right now, but I’m secretly here for all of it.

First and foremost, we’re loving our temporary living situation. I’m certain that a big chunk of it is just the novelty of it all, but we are thoroughly enjoying this downtown Toronto experience. As a homebody at heart I wasn’t sure I’d feel all that settled outside of my normal “routine” and environment. But with a toddler in tow, I’ve found that it has been so much fun. Ivy is apparently a city girl herself, which is likely a large part of why I’m enjoying it so much. Our girl is just thriving right now and it’s such a joy to experience. We’ve been park hoping, brunching, coffee shopping, restaurant hopping, smoothie hunting, squirrel chasing, swimming, pumpkin patching, baby snuggling… It’s been fantastic! So much so that for a while there I was trying to convince Justin that maybe we should sell our home and try the downtown Toronto adventure for a few years. He’s not convinced (and I’m beginning to miss our home and the quieter pace of life) but we’ll see where this adventure continues to take us.

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In addition, we recently welcomed a new little squish into our lives. My brother and sister in law had a sweet baby girl just the other day, and if that’s not reason to celebrate I just don’t know what is. Plus, my nomadic little sister is now here visiting for the occasion, which is the loveliest. I’m feeling very grateful for this particular season and wanted to share a few snapshots that make me happy to help commemorate all of it <3

working toddler
milkys coffee shop in toronto

{coffee at Milky’s}

youre beautiful mirror
snuggling a goldendoodle

toddler hugging a baby

{Ivy meeting her new cousin}

{Chudleighs Farms}

manita toronto

{brunch at Manita}

coffee with a goldendoodle

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  1. Mom says:

    Busy, stressful. Hectic for our family right now but I wouldn’t change it🥰
    Looking forward to my city family to join me here again in the upper beaches!!

  2. Roxanne says:

    Fabulous pics! Especially holding Ivy’s wee hand.
    I love that wallpaper … where’s it from. Happy Fall!

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