Nov 2

Currently Coveting: Pre-Winter Goodies

I have to admit, this pre-winter season might just be my favourite of them all. The sun still shines regularly, making for glorious afternoons. But it’s just crisp enough all day long to warrant cozy knits, wool tuques, and fleecies (without having to strip yourself of all those layers by lunch). And in the evenings, the light hits just so. I absolutely thrive in this kind of environment, and I have the virtual shopping carts to prove it. From rattan trays to velvet chaises, following are a few things I have my eye on to get us through this pre-winter season in style, for both our homes and closets. Enjoy!

Design & Photo: Anthology Creative Studio

Pre-Winter Goodies


1. Toddler cardigan | 2. Natural woven tray | 3. Harriet throw pillow

4. Rosemary mint shampoo | 5. Dried hydrangea stems | 6. Timmins armchair

7. Rounded ceramic vase | 8. Matchstick holder | 9. Ultra mini puffer

10. Charlot hand-knotted rug | 11. Toddler ankle boots | 12. Bhujodi Textile Art

13. Toddler sherpa jacket | 14. Glazed latte bowls | 15. Bubble hoop earrings

16. Shawl-collar cardigan | 17. Bradley chelsea boots | 18. Ceramic taper holders



Design & Photo: Anthology Creative Studio

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  1. lynda says:

    hi love everything…but what about the big chair..could u say where to find a chair like thatl..thanks so much

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