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My Best Buys of 2020

Best Buys of 2020 | lark & linenPhoto: Amber Interiors


I know, I know, the vast majority of us want to leave 2020 far behind us. But bear with me because this is a post that I *think* you’re going to want to dig into. It’s one that I’ve now done for three years in a row, and seems to be a favourite amongst some you. Since focusing on quality items over the last few years, I’ve legitimately cut my personal shopping down significantly. That isn’t to say that I haven’t purchased items on an as needed basis and I thought it’d be fun to, once again, round up some of my favourite purchases from 2020. I really and truly still stand by (and use) just about every last item from my best buys of 2019 and 2018 posts (here and here!) and feel confident that’ll be the case going forward here, too. Following are my best buys of 2020. 

Best Buys of 2020 | lark & linen


1, 12) I’ve long been a fan of this Canadian brand, and that’s been especially true during lockdown. Their rompers are as soft as butter, ridiculously comfortable, and stylish to boot. They’re a feel good item all around and I’ve practically lived in them all year long

2) These bunny slippers were one of the first items I purchased for our sweet girl. She has now outgrown them, but they sit on her shelf in her nursery and never fail to make me smile. 

3) If you’re spotting a theme around here, you’re correct. I’ve been dabbling in all things woo woo for a while now, and Lotus Wei’s flower essences are a huge part of my practice. I had the opportunity to attend the founder, Katie Hess’, retreat in Costa Rica in 2019 and I’ve been completely hooked ever since. They are gentle and beautiful and at this point I couldn’t live without them

4) I think it’s safe to say that most of us are probably over bras right about now, but hear me out because these ones are the absolute best. They’re butter soft and flattering, they’re great if you’re nursing, and they’re super cute to boot. 

5) In an effort to drink more water, I purchased myself this water bottle. It keeps my water cold for hours – which I love – and the wide opening makes it a cinch to clean (which was a point of contention with my previous water bottle purchases)

6) I could do a whole entire post on the baby items we actually swear by, and high atop that list would be Ivy’s diaper bag. It fits a ton, the backpack option is key to keep your hands free to baby wrangle on the go, and I love that I’ll be able to use it for years to come as it’s beautiful to boot. Form and function at its best. 

7) A friend of mine gifted me this book for Christmas, and it has quickly become my favourite read. Not only is it beautiful visually, but it makes my woo woo heart so happy too 

8) At almost 30$ a month, this app is one that I’d typically struggle to justify, but their yoga and meditation classes are incredible and have *truly* kept me sane. It has introduced me to the most beautiful souls and has helped keep me clear headed and grounded during the transition to motherhood, in addition to the madness that was 2020. It’s well worth its price tag, as far as I’m concerned

9) Though it’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to wear it, this swimsuit is high atop my list of favourite purchases for 2020. Not only is it adorable, but it’s super flattering to boot

10) Since having a baby with laughably low sleep needs, I typically opt for coffee over tea most mornings (I know, I don’t even know who I am anymore!) But I still couldn’t live without this tea. I know Liquorice and peppermint sounds like such a strange combination, but trust me – I would never lead you astray

11) I’ve been on the hunt for a natural dry shampoo that actually works for some time now and I’m thrilled to admit I’ve found it

13) Similarly, it’s no secret that my love for Amber Interiors runs deep, and her new book is eye candy of the very best variety

14) During my Costa Rican retreat we were introduced to Lisa – the founder of Wei of Chocolate – who’s entire mission is to incorporate chocolate as part of a meditation practice. Her chocolates are incredibly special, beyond delicious, and her mission is one I’m more than happy to stand firmly behind

15) In addition to all of the woo, the theme for 2020 was most definitely comfort. Ivy’s rocker is likely the spot I’ve spent the most time in this year, and I’m a huge fan. I love that it’s simple and beautiful in design, yet it’s insanely comfortable (it reclines almost flat at the touch of a button!)

16) I incorporated these tarot cards into my morning meditation practice and I find them to be so beautiful and profound


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