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My Best Buys of 2018

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I’m not sure what’s gotten into me lately, but for the past year or so I’ve been feeling this consistent urge to purge. I’m going to guess that the Marie Kondo craze has something to do with it, but at any rate, I’ve spent a whole lot of my free time diligently going through every square inch of our home in an effort to minimize as much as physically possible. When it comes down to it, I simply no longer have any interest in being a manager of “stuff”. The name of my game these days is quality over quantity, and I really only purchase (and keep!) the things that we legitimately need, or that truly set my heart aflutter. I amassed a few game changing items last year, from all across the board, and thought it might be helpful to share. Following are my best buys of 2018 – the ones I’m certain I’ll be loyal to for years to come. Best-Buys-of-2018


1) As a thicker-thighed woman, I usually find that patterned yoga pants just look terrible on me. So when I discovered these leggings, I was pumped. They are so flattering, they come in the most beautiful patterns, and they are legitimately as soft as butter.

2) This will always and forever be my favourite candle in the world. And, while pricey, I got tired of sniffing it in the store and I finally treated myself to it. The joy it brings me each day far outweighs the cost. 

3) Dry brushing is something I incorporated into my semi-regular regimen last year, and it’s a pre-shower ritual I’ve really grown to love. If you haven’t heard of the benefits of dry brushing, I encourage you to read this article. This brush in particular is really lovely. It’s soft, but firm, which is really what you’re after. 

4) I’m fairly certain this pom pom hat has a cult following, and I’m right there with them.

5) I was introduced to this “Dream Cream” by one of my yoga instructors this year, and it. is. everything. The smell alone is intoxicating, and its super moisturizing (perfect for these dry winter months). We love putting a little on our temples before we go to bed. 

6) In an effort to reduce our carbon foot print, we’ve been making a lot of small (but impactful) changes in our home. Investing in some really pretty linen napkins, in lieu of disposable anything, has definitely helped, and it makes our simple meals at home feel a lot more luxurious to boot.

7) I picked up this sweater earlier this fall, and it quickly became my most worn item in my closet. It feels luxuriously soft, it hangs beautifully, and makes even the simplest outfit feel instantly chic. 

8) I wore these slides into the ground this year, and most definitely plan on stocking up on a few more pairs for the next few summers. They go with basically everything, and you don’t have to wear them in (which I have no patience for any longer). 

9) In an effort to reduce my anxiety in 2018, which I’ve essentially eliminated at this point (hurrah!), I’ve spent a lot of time moving at the pleasure of my soul (spoiler alert: my soul likes a much slower pace than most, and that’s okay). One of the things I’ve realized I adore is an evening ritual to really help me wind down. I’ve been finishing most evenings with a cup of this peppermint vanilla tea in bed. It’s absolutely delicious, and it’s something I truly look forward to each day.

10) These makeup bags are admittedly a bit of a splurge, but after a lot of heavy use (and a little abuse) they still look brand spanking new. They are luxurious, incredible quality, and make me smile every time I pull them out. I had them monogrammed with my new initials, since getting married, so they feel that much more special. I truly can’t recommend them highly enough.

11) I’d long been on the hunt for a pretty passport case to keep our affairs in order when we travel, and this one is it. 

12) This lipstick, in Kidman’s Kiss, was actually the shade I wore on my wedding day, so there’s definitely some nostalgia at play here. But it has quickly become my every day lipstick. It’s nice and moisturizing, and it’s the prettiest barely-there peachy pink hue.

13) It took me some time, but I’ve finally gotten my eyebrows to a place that I’m happy with, and I have this brow powder to thank.

14) I don’t wear a ton of makeup, but this under eye concealer has quickly become a workhorse in my arsenal. I will never – ever – go without it from this day forward.

15) It’s called the cloud sweater, and rightfully so. I wear this more often than I’ll ever admit.

16) Justin surprised me with a Google home for my birthday this year, and at first I was a little skeptical, but now I’m not sure how we ever lived without it. From listening to podcasts while we cook, to helping resolve family debates, it’s been a bit of a game changer. I also find that we’re almost always listening to music of some variety now, which I secretly love. Lots of good vibes around here, these days! 

17) In an effort to track down the perfect pair of jeans, I’ve ordered, and returned, many a jean this past year. Suffice to say, out of all of them (at multiple price points) these guys, at a steal from Old Navy of all places, are my favourites.

18) We purchased two of these suitcases (in carry-on size) for our honeymoon, and they are really and truly the only suitcases we will ever travel with ever again. They’re nice and lightweight, but can fit a ton. Adore!

19) I splurged on these slippers after hearing multiple rave reviews and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Since I work from home most days, I essentially only ever wear slippers, so it only made sense to get the most comfortable option on the market. No regrets! 

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  1. I am SO glad to learn of a new carry-on option. The link takes me to the Zappos main page though, so I can’t actually see what you recommend. I’m on the hunt for a roomy, light-weight carry-on for a few upcoming trips. Thanks!

  2. Heather says:

    If you ever decide you need a more affordable alternative to the Feu De Bois candle (my favorite as well!), try D.W. Home – Warm Tobacco Pipe. One of the ways I like to de-stress at the end of a long work day is lighting a favorite candle immediately when I get home. Definitely hesitant to incorporate my Dityque into that daily habit so having the alternative helps so much.

  3. […] post My Best Buys of 2018 appeared first on lark & […]

  4. Ellie says:

    I love that Diptyque candle and have found that the quality actually does justify the price. Also, that pom pom hat is the BEST and I just got it in red to brighten up grey Boston days :)

  5. Stephen says:

    There were so many things I picked up this year, but three definitely stand out for me. The first was this dotted notebook by Leuchtturm ( If you’re into bullet journaling, the quality of this notebook is outstanding. Next is this leather briefcase by Carl Friedrik ( because I wanted to feel a little more “grown-up” at work. Last is something my partner and I decided to splurge on, a new set of these beautiful bar stools ( I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and I just love the look of these. Comfortable, too.

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