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These Courses are Changing My Life and You Need to Know About Them

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If my “best buys of 2020” post is of any indication, I’ve been on a pretty major health and wellness journey for a little while now and it just keeps picking up speed. While I believe we’re all a constant work in progress, I’m admittedly pretty proud of how far I’ve come and my passion for personal development continues to reign Queen. In other words: I can’t get enough.

I know that self improvement isn’t something I blog about frequently, but it is a massive passion of mine and lately I’ve gleaned that I’m definitely not alone. So I thought I’d pop in with an extra post this week to share something (here!) that has helped my life sky rocket forward as of late, in hopes that it will resonate with you too. 

It’s called the wellness bundle, and I *truly* can’t recommend it enough. It’s a series of self improvement and self development courses (111 of them to be exact), many of which are taught by some of my own personal mentors and gurus. The real deal, best of the best, bunch of people.

The courses cover literally everything you could imagine when it comes to personal development and helping you live your very best life. From the secret to manifesting the life of your dreams, to how to attract money in abundance, to accessing your intuition and inner wisdom, to healing your inner child, to successful goal setting (and completion), to attaining your optimal physical health and nutrition in a holistic and lasting way, to managing your stress levels, to establishing a meditation practice that sticks, to being your own life coach, and wellllll beyond. These courses, combined, are the playbook for setting yourself up for insane amounts of success. For creating a life that fills your soul. One that you could previously only dream of.

The kicker is that if you were to purchase each course separately they’d run you $20,262.98 USD (!!). But right now they can be purchased in a bundled package for $75.90. That’s less than just a single course would typically run you. It’s a one time only, no strings attached, single payment, “start the carrrrr” type of deal that’s only available for one week. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last year especially it’s how important it is to be able to fill your own cup and take care of you. It’s a steal of a deal that I simply had to share. 

Check out the list of courses here, and if ANY of them resonate with you in any capacity, I encourage you to dig in. I took the plunge myself and can’t tell you how amped I am to continue on this incredible journey of self discovery. It is liquid gold, as far as I’m concerned and I can only hope you’ll benefit as much as I have. No matter where you stand on the woo woo spectrum (ie: anywhere from give me ALL the woo to I just want to sleep better thankyouverymuch) I feel confident you’ll benefit from it.



Note: The bundle is available for purchase until February 15th at 5:00 am EST. After that you’ll be able to purchase each course separately, but the packaged 99% discount  will be gone forever. 

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  1. Jessica L says:

    Hi – I love the bundle that you mentioned above. Do you know how long you can access the classes if you purchase them? I can’t find any information on the website that provides those details. Thank you

  2. Lisa says:

    Do you receive a certificate for the completion of each course?

    Is it an American company?

    • You don’t receive any certification, they’re more so for your own personal development. The company that has put this package together is American, but the courses come from creators from all over the world!

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