Apr 20

Quick Design Tip: How to Choose The Right Paint Sheen

Quick Design Tip: Paint Sheens | lark & linenAt long last we’re back with yet another “quick design tip“! Today I thought I’d share my best advice on how to choose an interior paint sheen. With so many options available on the market I completely understand how it can feel a little daunting. So allow me to step in and simplify. My motto is to always keep things as easy as possible wherever I can, and, while there is the odd exception, you really can’t go wrong with this exact formula each and every time: 

Ceilings & Crown Moulding: Flat Finish

Walls: Eggshell Finish

Doors, Trim & Cabinetry: Satin Sheen


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  1. Melinda says:

    Thank you! I always tell my husband that flat is the go to for ceilings and until our kitchen remodel he always went along with me. When I wasn’t looking the kitchen ceiling ended up with a sheen…that doesn’t match the living room flat and the two rooms are connected. This will need a remedy :)

  2. Debbie Elliott says:

    Flat on ceilings, definitely. Flat on crown moulding? Never would have thought of that! I’ve always done wood trim/mouldings in a satin/sheen.

  3. E says:

    Thanks! This is super helpful. The one surprise for me is flat for crown moulding. I guess I never thought about it before but I assumed it would be satin like the trim…

  4. Jennifer says:

    What about front door—the exterior part?

  5. Cathy says:

    Thank you for this simple guide. It reminds me of the time I thought it would be clever to paint a bedroom walls and ceiling all the same shade of white. No need to cut in around the edges, I thought! This was back in the days of textured ceilings, too. It was not a good look!

  6. Ravi Kumar says:

    Nice Idea. Really I am very impressed with your post. Thanks for posting this article. Keep Sharing.

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