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My Mom’s Kitchen ::The Reveal::

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It’s always bittersweet when a project comes to an end, and this rings especially true on this particular job as it was such a joy to work alongside my mom to bring her kitchen to life. The silver lining for this one, however, is that I will get to selfishly enjoy this space myself for years to come, which isn’t often the case when a client project wraps up. Needless to say, after months of planning and weeks of blogging and instagramming my mom’s kitchen renovation, I’m beyond pumped to share the final reveal!  If you’re just joining us on this “journey”, I highly recommend you check out all of the before photos as well as the before and after floor plans so that you can better orient yourself within the space. Though there are SO many more details in those two posts, I also wanted to share a few before photos here, just so we can really see what we were working with when we first began…

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mom kitchen_before 2mom kitchen_before 1mom kitchen_before 6mom kitchen_before 3

And alas, here we have it, the final reveal! After over 13 years in the industry it still never ceases to amaze me how drastically you can alter a space with some attention to detail and some thoughtful and intentional touches. If I’m being honest, I still can’t believe the transformation here myself and I’m beyond pleased with the results. At the risk of tooting my own horn, not only does it feel about eight hundred times bigger and significantly more luxurious, but it’s also light years ahead in terms of functionality, and literally exactly what I’ve been envisioning since my mom and I started discussing this project together years ago. This baby has been a long time coming, and I’m thrilled to share it all with you in all of its beautiful (functional!) glory. 

[break]THE AFTER PHOTOS[break]

JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13453-Edit-26JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13385-Edit-14 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13431-3 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13417-2 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13406-Edit-18 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13392-Edit-16 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13408-Edit-19 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13390-Edit-15 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13433-4 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13426-Edit-23 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13421-Edit-21 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13423-Edit-22 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13399-Edit-17 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13448-8 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13446-6 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13436-Edit-24 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13449-9 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13431-4 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13417-3 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13483-11

I hope you love it as much as we’ve enjoyed working on it (and documenting it!). I still have so many posts churning around in my mind that I want to share about this project and the whole process, so I imagine this won’t be the last you’ll see of it. And because this isn’t a “typical” client project, I’m able to share absolutely every painstaking detail from the exact trim we used on our window casings, to every last one of our trade members (all of whom worked so damn hard and so thoughtfully the whole way through), to every last specification from appliance to backsplash, and everything in between. I think I’ve covered just about everything below, but if you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask! 


The Before Photos & Plans

The Inspiration

The Floor Plan

The Vibe

The Finishes

The Construction Saga

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Photos: Lo Miller | GC & Construction: MaBelle Kitchens 
Custom Cabinetry: Scarlett Park | Custom Drapery: Decorview 
Custom Carpentry (range hood cover, island legs & cafe table): Windsor Workshop


Wall Colour: Benjamin Moore – Cloud White
Trim & Ceiling Colour: Benjamin Moore – White Diamond
Cabinet Colour: Benjamin Moore – Revere Pewter
Back Door: Benjamin Moore – Kendall Charcoal
Floor Tile: Ciot24″ x 24″ Black Rio Slate, Natural Finish, in a brick layout
Backsplash Tile: Ciot, 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ Calcatta Extra Polished 
Countertops: Hanstone, Riverwashed Finish in Storm 
Kitchen Sink: Blanco, in the Anthracite finish 
Bar Sink: Blanco, in the Anthracite finish

Crown Moulding: Metrie | Architrave: Metrie | Shiplap Ceiling: Metrie 
Baseboards: Metrie | Door & Window Casings: Metrie | Closet Door: Metrie

36″ Dual Fuel Range: Fisher & Paykel | Insert Range Hood Fan: Fisher & Paykel 
French Door Refrigerator Freezer: Fisher & Paykel 
Double DishDrawer™ Dishwasher: Fisher & Paykel 
Combination Microwave Oven: Fisher & Paykel

Sink Faucet: Blanco 
Pot Filler: Blanco | Bar Faucet: Blanco 
Cabinet Pull: Emtek | Cabinet Knob: Emtek | Egg Knob: Emtek 
Back Door Hardware: Emtek | Picture Light: Hudson Valley 
Island Pendants: Hudson Valley | Wall Sconce: Hudson Valley 
Pendant Light: Hudson Valley 

Art No. 1: Minted | Art No. 2: Minted | Soap & Lotion Dispenser: McGee & Co. 
Hand Towel: Monika Hibbs Home | Olive Plant: McGee & Co. 
Striped Pillow: Tonic Living | Cream Pillow: Tonic Living 
Soft Blue Pillow: Tonic Living | Striped Lumbar Pillow: Tonic Living  | Runner: Etsy 
Custom Bench Cushion: Tonic Living, in Tate Inside Out Faux Leather in Saddle
Olive Branches: McGee & Co.  | Cookbook: Donna Hay 
Cookbook: The Kinfolk Table | Cookbook: Magnolia Table 
Cookbook: Gather at Home | Most Vases: Homesense | Chair: Wayfair 
Table: Custom, made by Windsor Workshop | Mirror: Renwil
Stools: Restoration Hardware | Vintage Art: Etsy 
Sugar Bowl: Anthropologie | Candle: Vancouver Candle Co.
 Juice Jug: Pottery Barn | Pinch Pots: The Bay | Soap: Aesop

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  1. Renaud says:

    What a change! You couldn’t tell it’s the same room, really. It is such a gorgeous kitchen now – I particularly love the small dining nook. It looks very inviting. Great job!

    Have a lovely day.


  2. Megan says:

    It’s absolutely stunning!

  3. Nicole says:

    Is the fireplace gas or electric?
    Also, why did you choose Fisher & Paykel appliances?

  4. Joanna says:

    What a difference! I love your mom’s new kitchen. It is classic but updated with the light fixtures. The mirror over the fireplace reflecting the lights is genius. And, I love the cozy seating/eating area in the window close to the fire, a much improved use of the space. Now, everything is tucked away. Kudos!👏

  5. Linda says:

    Well done!

  6. Kendall says:

    Such an incredible transformation, and seems like it will be a truly timeless space! Love all the little details :)

  7. Tina says:

    Wow! I am speechless! Such amazing, classic and gorgeous style choices in this small space. I love it! Great job, I just wish you had used Battle Creek Hardware… :-) <3 Tina

  8. This is just incredible! Amazing work!

  9. Roxanne says:

    Stunning, gorgeous, beautiful! Mom must be I heaven. Congrats and enjoy💕

  10. Lauren says:

    The kitchen looks beautiful! Love the picture of you and your mom, she must be loving the new space!

  11. Jane says:

    Beautiful job Jacquelyn. Your Mama must absolutely love it!!! It is gorgeous. I see many years ahead of wonderful memories in that kitchen. Really loved watching the transformation. Great work!!!!

    • It was so much fun to share the process in this way – I definitely hope to do it again (I know my Dad and step-mom are after a kitchen reno too, ha – let’s see how it goes!)

  12. Mom says:

    My new designer kitchen is both functional and beautiful at the same time…I LOVE it. The process was fun as Jacquelyn works with lovely professional and talented people!!!
    Can’t wait to host my new granddaughter…There are two pull drawers underneath the bench in the seating ares..They are perfect toy boxes!!
    Jacquelyn gave me everything I asked for…I am blessed!!

  13. Sara says:

    Where is the mantel from?

  14. Joelle says:

    Wow! I love a good before and after and this is stunning. Amazing work!

  15. Laurielulu says:

    Ohhhh darling Jacquelyn, I am such a fan! I so appreciate the juxtaposition of the super traditional with such lovely rustic touches. The space was always so interesting with the fireplace, but the kitchen was not aging well. Now, it is so classic, made for a lifetime. Please tell us all how you mother feels about everything, favorite, best uses etc.

    Wow! 🔥🔥😍😍

    • yesss! Mission accomplished :) I’m thinking of asking my mom if she wants to do a little interview on the process – a post from her end, perhaps? could be a fun twist!

  16. Kim P says:

    This is absolutely beautiful.

  17. judith Floyd says:

    Unique and beautiful! I love all of your selections from backsplash to flooring. Your Mom must want to jump out of bed in the morning for a cup of coffee at her table by the window. Congratulations on such a wonderful project.

  18. Susan says:

    It’s just beautiful!! I loved following along with your posts throughout the renovation. This gives me courage to tackle our own kitchen reno! Wish you were in California!!

    • I’m so glad!! That was my exact mission. I’m not in Cali but I do take on projects all over the world – I’m currently on mat leave but if you have some flexibility time wise definitely feel free to shoot me an email whenever you’re ready!

  19. sandy says:

    That’s a wow! congrats!

  20. Barbara says:

    Absolutely beautiful! It does look bigger and the ceiling looks higher! I love every single gorgeous detail but I think my favourite part is the improved flow!!

    • Isn’t it crazy? I often get pushback from clients when I want to clad their ceilings as they’re worried they’ll make everything feel lower but they do nothing but draw your eye up! It makes a world of difference <3

  21. claudia says:

    What a phenomenal transformation! The kitchen is lovely! And functional! And all that storage plus a nook! Well done!

  22. Chrissy Triano says:

    Hello! Such an incredible new space. Happy for your Mom! Would you mind sharing the source for the window treatments? Thank you!

  23. Irene says:

    What a wonderful space! It’s beautiful and so well thought out.

  24. Ellen says:

    Gorgeous. One of the best kitchen transformations yet. Your mother must be over the moon.

  25. Melinda says:

    Such a lovely and serene space!

  26. Debbie Tavares says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! You did a fantastic job in your vision on what it could be. Your mom must be thrilled and so proud of you vision. Congratulations to both of you.

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  28. I am in awe of this transformation. It’s incredible. I’d never believe it was the same space if you hadn’t said so. Love everything about it. Especially those cubbies on either side of the stove top. Just fabulous!

  29. […] For all other kitchen sources (including all finishes, paint colours, fixtures, and the like), as well as the final kitchen revealhead over here! […]

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  31. Hazel Avery says:

    I LOVE the cabinet colors! And the details. SO well done. I’m trying to get a fresh cabinet painting soon in my own place, and seeing your design was really helpful to me. Thanks for sharing!

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