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My Mom’s Kitchen ::The Vibe::

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Things are moving along extremely quickly on all things #LLProjectMomsKitchen to the point that I feel like I’m falling behind on these posts! It turns out that a baby shaped deadline lights a fire under just about everyone’s behinds (though I feel like I should maybe add a “don’t try this at home” disclaimer to that one)… And while I’ve admittedly been designing my mom’s kitchen for quite some time (our millworker actually measured for the cabinets back in November), construction is moving at a rapid pace, which I’m beyond grateful for. I have a wonderful team working tirelessly to meet my deadlines and they’ve all been absolutely incredible! I’ve chatted about them all quite a bit on Instagram Stories (so definitely follow along there, if you’re interested!), but I’ll be sure to share all of those details and more as we go if you, too, are on the hunt for some absolutely outstanding trades. 

Today, though? Today we’re going to take it all the way back to “the vibe”. I know, we’re so far past that at this point, but I realize that safe for a sneak peek here and there, as well as a look at the inspiration behind it all, you’ve never really seen exactly what we’re doing as far as the whole vibe is concerned. I’m going to let this mood board, of sorts, do most of the talking, but essentially we’re going for a completely classic, very transitional feel here. My main goal was to really infuse a whole lot more character and interest into my mom’s builder-basic home without going too over the top.

Attention to detail was (and is always, as far as I’m concerned) paramount. I really focused on adding a lot of architectural touches like beefier trim & casings, crown moulding, a shiplap ceiling, but all done in a very clean and elegant way. Similarly, all of our finishes (which I’ll chat more about next week!), fixtures, hardware, appliances, and accessories help bridge that gap between modern and traditional – which is my very favourite aesthetic of them all. While some items lean more traditional, they’re well balanced with more modern lines, keeping things fresh, classic, and inspiring the whole way though. Here’s a more visual peek of the overall vibe! While we’re still solidifying some of the furniture and accessories, for the most part these are the exact items we’re using (I’ve shared ALL of  the direct links below!)

Moms Kitchen - The Vibe




My Mom’s Kitchen: The Before Photos & Plans

The Inspiration

The Finishes

The Construction


1:: Picture Light: Hudson Valley | 2:: Art No. 1: Minted | 3:: Art No. 2: Minted | 4:: Soap Dispenser: Studio McGee | 5:: Pot Filler: Blanco | 6:: Crown Moulding: Metrie | 7:: Architrave: Metrie 

8:: Island Pendants: Hudson Valley | 9:: Cabinet Pull: Emtek | 10:: Cabinet Knob: Emtek | 11 :: Shiplap Ceiling: Metrie | 12:: Baseboards: Metrie | 13:: Dual Fuel Range: Fisher & Paykel 

14:: Kitchen Sink: Blanco | 15:: Sink Faucet: Blanco | 16:: Olive Plant: Studio McGee | 17:: French Door Refrigerator Freezer: Fisher & Paykel | 18:: Door & Window Casings: Metrie | 19:: Cutting Boards: Studio McGee 

20:: Double DishDrawer™ Dishwasher: Fisher & Paykel | 21:: Combination Microwave Oven: Fisher & Paykel | 22:: Wall Sconce: Hudson Valley | 23:: Striped Pillow: Tonic Living | 24:: Cream Pillow: Tonic Living 

25:: Soft Blue Pillow: Tonic Living | 26:: Striped Lumbar Pillow: Tonic Living | 27:: Pendant Light: Hudson Valley | 28:: Egg Knob: Emtek | 29:: Runner: Studio McGee | 30:: Mirror: Renwil 

31:: Table: Wayfair | 32:: Chair: Wayfair



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  1. Kaylee says:

    That’s the artwork we have in our dining room. I now officially feel like I have good interior design taste, haha! I’m so excited to see this come together!

  2. Elo says:

    LOVE THIS! Can not wait to see it finished… how exciting. What program do you use for your mood boards and for your layout?

  3. Mom says:

    It is looking amazing…a dream come true for me!!! Jacquelyn has truly surrounded herself by the best people ever. Professional, friendly and truly artists..all of them…

  4. Overzetdak says:

    Wow! This looks amazing. Excited to see the end result. Thanks for sharing it.

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