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My Mom’s Kitchen ::The Appliances:: (Where Form & Function Collide)

Realtors worldwide will attest that kitchens sell homes and I’m absolutely of the belief that if you’re going undergo a kitchen renovation which, let’s be honest, is never easy, it makes sense to invest in it properly from the beginning so you never have to touch it again. When it came to designing my mom’s kitchen (which you can read about at length here!), knowing full well that she’s going to be living there for as long as she’s physically able, designing one that will stand the test of time became of utmost importance, and investing in key moments that would support our endeavours was paramount.

That rang especially true when it came to selecting her appliances. After a ton of research we reached out to Fisher & Paykel, a stunning luxury appliance brand, and we were beyond thrilled when they agreed to partner with us. I still can’t believe I had the opportunity to work so closely with them, it was truly such an honour, and I thought it’d be fun to share a few more details on why we opted to go the F & P route.


First and foremost, aesthetics are of course of utmost importance to me, and if it isn’t totally obvious, Fisher & Paykel has nailed the pretty (I mean, just take one peek at their Instagram for reference). But even more importantly, their quality is some of the best I’ve found on the market – and I have to admit I’m quite picky on both these fronts. Not only do they perform exceptionally well, but each item that we specified boasts some pretty exciting features that really set them apart from their competitors. It also doesn’t hurt that they look dang good while doing so – and we all know how much I love it when form and function collide *swoon*. Their entire lineup is designed to be fully integrated into your kitchen designs so that everything fits seamlessly, meaning they’re flush with your cabinetry and don’t protrude in any which way, which appeases my designer heart to no end.

JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13423-Edit-21 F&P

Take the range we had installed, for example. We opted for the 36″ dual fuel range and, I mean, it’s moment of silence worthy as far as I’m concerned. I love how it’s legitimately the focal point of the room, commanding your attention the minute you walk in, but in it’s own quietly beautiful way. It’s clean lines paired with it’s more intricate details (hi gold dual ring, I see you!) allow it to work perfectly in a space that’s both modern and traditional, which is no easy feat. But most importantly – it functions like an absolute dream. My mom loves that the five burner gas cooktop gives her a ton of control when whipping up a meal, but the convection oven allows her to plop cookies in the oven knowing full well they’re going to come out baked to absolute perfection each and every time. The halo dials are also designed to be foolproof as they glow red when they’re heating up, and turn white when they’re ready to go. Selfishly, I feel like the nine oven functions, including bread proofing and pizza mode, are going to be fun for us all to play with – I envision even more family meals over the coming years (hint, hint, mom!), and I’m all for it. 

F&P3The insert range hood fan is another element where form and function are beautifully combined. With five different speeds (all of which are incredibly quiet, even at their highest capacity), and a multitude of different lighting settings (I’m all about that mood lighting!), it’s a professional-grade piece adapted for the comfort of home. But my favourite part, and I realize full well that my 20-year-old-self would be rolling her eyes at me right now, is that the fan cover can easily be removed in three pieces and you can plunk them in the dishwasher to clean them – no more greasy screens to contend with ever again – hurrah! And if you saw my instagram stories a couple of weeks ago, you may have noticed that the whole thing comes with a remote control, which feels slightly unnecessary but also TOTALLY NECESSARY all at once. I secretly love it.


If there is one appliance, however, that I’m convinced is worth investing in more than any of the others it’s your refrigerator. I mean, I think we’ve all been guilty of tossing more than our fair share of spoiled food over the years, and a lot of that is due to a poorly functioning fridge. The one we had installed, however, has ActiveSmart™ technology which continuously maintains a constant temperature, ensuring your food stays fresher for significantly longer, and helps seriously reduce food waste (which makes my part-hippie heart happy, I’m not going to lie). It actually pays attention to your daily habits and, for example, will get ready to perform each morning at 7:00 am when it knows that’s when you’re typically in and out of the fridge making breakfast. Legitimately every last aspect has been so well thought out, from the water dispenser that takes up zero internal space, to the easy to clean glass shelves, to the function that beeps at you once your wine bottle is properly chilled (GENIUS!) it’s a bit of a dream through and through. 

JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13436-Edit-24 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13440-5

Okay, now let’s talk about the Double DishDrawer Dishwasher™. In light of full discretion, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first. But after conducting my own research, and testing out this bad boy, I’m a convert through and through. Not only are they significantly easier to load and unload with minimal bending and ergonomic design (perfect for the boomers out there – hi mama!), but you can turn on each drawer independently which is honestly an entertaining game changer. And because most days it’s usually just my mom and her boyfriend, they no longer need to run half loads or wait days on end to fill it up before being able to run it. In addition, they take up significantly less space as you don’t have a massive door to contend with, making them equally perfect for galley kitchens, tiny condo kitchens, and everything in between. 

JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13443-Edit-25 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13471-1 JacquelynClarkexKitchenProject13408-Edit-19

At any rate, if I wasn’t a total appliance nerd before, I absolutely am now. I hope you know by now that I only stand behind products I really and truly believe in. Fisher & Paykel definitely makes that list, and I’m so thrilled that they’re a part of my mom’s beautiful new space. I’d happily stand behind them any day of the week. 


Photos: Lo Miller

The Exact Appliances We Specified:

The 36″ Dual Fuel Range | The French Door Refrigerator Freezer
The Double Dishdrawer™ Dishwasher | The Combination Microwave Oven 
The Insert Range Hood Fan

For all other kitchen sources (including all finishes, paint colours, fixtures, and the like), as well as the final kitchen reveal
head over here!


Thank you to Fisher & Paykel for sponsoring this post, and for partnering with us on #LLProjectMomsKitchen!

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  1. Mom says:

    The appliances are amazing!!!! Could not be happier.

  2. Lily Starr says:

    The space is profoundly beautiful. I hope that it brings your family joy for many years to come. While I have long admired your aesthetic and intelligent designs, your ability to gift something so special to your mother is a true inspiration. Your mom did a wonderful job raising you . . . wishing you and those you love stay safe.

  3. David Stuart says:

    hmm, the table look really interesting, only if it could be of a lighter color. like this one:

    I know its a side table but would it be nice to have a similar design table?

  4. Patricia Simon says:

    Such a beautiful kitchen!
    Great job.

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