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Our Honeymoon: Two Days in Stone Town, Zanzibar


The next leg of our honeymoon brought us into Stone Town, in Zanzibar, where we spent two glorious nights being treated like absolute kings at the Park Hyatt Hotel (a literal dream in every sense of the word!) And while the teeny-tiny, yet bustling, winding streets teeming with artists, cooks, and small shops alike, were slightly overwhelming at first (mostly in contrast to part I of our honeymoon, which you can read about here), it didn’t take long for us to get right into the swing of things.

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With just two nights to tick off everything on our Stone Town bucket list, we quickly got to work. Between dining under the stars at Emmerson Spice (an experience I can’t recommend highly enough), braving the Forodhani Night market in search of Zanzibar pizza (verdict: odd but delicious), and stuffing our faces with chapatis and aloo gobi at Mah Shas Allah Cafe, it’s safe to say we definitely weren’t hungry at any point (not that that stopped us from gorging on goodies hourly).

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In addition to eating our way through the city, which is basically my favourite way to experience most destinations, we also made sure to visit the Cathedral, and the Slave Market Memorial, which I can’t recommend highly enough. And while it admittedly feels odd to recommend a Slave Market Memorial, which depicted the sordid, not-so-distant, past of the East African Slave Trade in vivid and gruesome detail, Zanzibar has a very rich history, and I’ve always been of the belief that education is king. Because with education comes compassion, understanding, and real change. And while I like to think of myself as pretty worldly, it was an eye opener, and an experience I’m really grateful to have had. And I’m already daydreaming on how I, too, can help in one way or another (and perhaps, for now, it’s just through spreading awareness?)

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Much like our stay in Bububu, we worked with for this leg of the trip as well, and the whole experience from beginning to end was flawless. From our sweet attendant, Nelson, who insisted on walking over to the ferry terminal to pick up our ferry tickets himself, to finishing each evening on the patio, cocktail in hand, overlooking the Indian Ocean, it was literal perfection. 

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And while we are not opposed to roughing it when we travel, I will admit, however, that it was quite nice to have a next-level-beautiful “home” to retreat to at the end of the long, hot, days of meandering. My heart, you guys, was full to bursting at any given moment. Stone Town is uniquely special, and I cannot wait to visit again one of these days. 


[break]ps: If you missed it, and are interested, I did save all of my Tanzainia stories under an instagram highlight (which you can check out here). 

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  1. Fabulous photos! Did you eat the mangoes? Mzuri sana.

  2. Peg Allegretto says:

    Zanzibar looks very clean!! Why did you decide on that destination? Beautiful photography!!!

  3. Barb says:

    Such a unique honeymoon..incredible pictures…liberty..thanks for sharing Jacqueline🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  4. Leanne says:

    I wish I’d known if these food recommendations when I was around the same time. Went to the gardens but did know of the pizza. Just have to go back sometime:). I know I have commented before (@missheinrichs on insta) but I LOVE your photos. What camera and lenses do you use? Do you edit much in Lightroom?

  5. The food sounds amazing! Could we get one Zanzibar inspired recipe post?

    Happy Wednesday

  6. Sara says:

    In love with all your photos, this looks like a dream travel !


  7. Oh wow! These are great recommendations. And the photos just makes me want to get lost in Stone Town as well. Reading this just made me realize what a great destination Zanzibar is for a honeymoon getaway. Not only for its beautiful historical sites such as Stone Town but also for its pristine beaches with amazing coral reefs and the fact that it is close to safari parks. I love the fact that I’d have the option of enjoying an exciting safari and relaxing by the beach. Just more reasons for me to consider this spot to take my partner to.

  8. OMG Zanzibar looks stunning in your photos! It feels like I’ve been with you on your trip. Lovely write up! Your blog looks as charming as Zanzibar. I didn’t see any photos at the beach though. How was the beach in Zanzibar? Do you think it’s a kid-friendly beach? I’ve stumbled on this blog that helped me get a bit of an idea what the beaches look like there. However, couldn’t find any tips if it’s a great beach to let the children play and swim. Anyhow, loved your blog! Made me feel excited to go to Zanzibar too!

  9. Jane says:

    What a lovely experience, Zanzibar is in my bucket list

  10. Ibu says:

    Great article. Thank you for sharing

  11. Liz Amara says:

    How I love the detailed description of Zanzibar, especially Stone Town. Absolutely phenomenon, and talking about the photos, I’ve never seen Zanzibar that beautiful.
    Thanks for great read.

  12. Hope it was one of your best holidays ever, beautiful photos and narrative information

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