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Our Honeymoon: Five Days in Bububu, Zanzibar

bububu zanzibar - 1 {the gate to the ocean}


It’s taken me so long to put our honeymoon travel posts together for no other reason than I areally, truly, don’t have enough words in my vocabulary to properly do this place justice. This is when I wish I was a “real” writer, so I could wax poetic about this magical place all day long. Because, you guys? Tanzania is incredible. Beyond incredible. From the beaches of Zanzibar to the plains of the Serengeti there’s something for everyone, and it was honestly difficult to say goodbye when it was all over (we’ve been back for over a month now and I still think about it constantly).

{our stunning resort}

bububu zanzibar - 14

After a little humming and hawing over how we wanted to tackle our honeymoon, we decided to start in Zanzibar, which absolutely ended up being the right decision. We spent our first five nights in Bububu, Zanzibar at the most incredible beach resort (seriously – I still can’t stop dreaming about it). After the hustle and bustle of all things wedding, a 24 hour (plus) travel day, and a little (ok a lot of) jet lag thrown in the mix, it was really nice to start off slowly and really hit the pause button. We plunked ourselves down by the (incredibly beautiful) pool most days, and really leaned in to the whole vacation thing from the start.

bububu zanzibar - 25{the dreamy grounds}

bububu zanzibar - 21  {essentially me for 5 days straight}

bububu zanzibar - 10 bububu zanzibar - 15 bububu zanzibar - 17bububu zanzibar - 13

The place we stayed was called Chuini Zanzibar Beach Lodge (which you can check out here), and it was beyond magical in its own right. was kind enough to work with us, and while they did provide our lodging for free, which was unbelievable, I legitimately have used them at my own volition for every. single. trip we’ve ever planned, and cannot recommend them highly enough. Their prices are typically the most affordable, the reviews and recommendations are clear and concise, and I love that all of the details and confirmations are organized and in one spot when you’re planning a trip with multiple stays and hotels. I hope you know at this point that I would never recommend anything that I don’t fully stand behind. And this is one travel resource that I’m more than happy to support any day of the week.

bububu zanzibar - 3{our stunning room}bububu zanzibar - 12 bububu zanzibar - 18

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{I secretly judge a place by their washrooms,
and this one passed with flying colours}

bububu zanzibar - 6bububu zanzibar - 22

As mentioned, the resort itself was impeccable. It was tiny, with just twelve or thirteen rooms, which made it feel extra special and intimate. The hotel was also built around the Chuini Palace remains, which were built by a Sultan in 1873 and mysteriously burnt down shortly thereafter. While most was left as is, the Sultan’s baths and pools were restored to become the hotels pools today which felt pretty special. And the contrast between old and new really appeased my design loving self.

{old meets new <3} bububu zanzibar - 11

{the sultan’s ruins}

Aside from the fact that every last design detail was unparalleled, my favourite part was the fact that every building, bedrooms included, were designed to face the ocean. And each evening, they’d set up our dinner in a different part of the resort. From dining under the moonlit ruins, to eating beachside, it was a magical place and I know with certainty we’ll be back one day.

[break]ps: If you missed it, and are interested, I did save all of my Tanzainia stories under an instagram highlight (which you can check out here). 

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  1. I just dreamed about Zanzibar last night. It must be a sign of something. I have never been there, but I lived a few years in Kenya and loved Lamu, a small island similar to Zanzibar, on the northern coast. Right next to the border with Somalia. Which means it’s off limits these days. I dream of taking my family to Kenya, but want to include a Lamu experience without Lamu (sadly!!! it is a place I adore). And I thought of Zanzibar. Thanks for this recommendation, which I hope to use soon.
    And congratulations on the wedding and honeymoon!!!!

  2. Debbie says:

    What a beautiful, magical, extraordinary place! Thanks for sharing it with us Jacquelyn. Also, sending you all best wishes for a most beautiful life of love, laughter and adventure…

  3. Barb says:

    Such a Magical place to start your life as a married couple 💜💛

  4. INSANELY gorgeous! So glad you had an amazing time, you deserve it!

  5. Such a lovely post, bringing back so many of my own memories when I was in Kenya and Tanzania. Your accommodations are just as lovely as ours were. Can’t not express how delightful your article was and your photography truly did the article justice! Thank you for sharing this marvelous adventure and congrats on the nuptials!

  6. Zimasa says:

    I love that you are always so open to coming to Africa, Jacquelyn! I recall you once came on a holiday to South Africa and your pics were just as awesome. I hope you enjoyed your time in magical Tanzania (I have yet to go myself and I dream of going). A place I think you should consider next is Lamu, Kenya – you will absolutely adore it, its so you! Look it up! Wish you a long and happy marriage.
    Love from a fan in South Africa

  7. Sheri says:

    So lovely to see. I had the distinct honor of being a liaison to a young man from Zanzibar who came to the states on a year exchange. He is by far the best human I have met so far in my almost 50 years and I know that much of that is because of his upbringing in that beautiful place. I am looking forward to the day that I will get to see him there! Thank you for sharing and congratulations.

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