Sep 13

Currently Coveting: The Most Beautiful Pieces to Get You Excited for Fall



While any change of season typically makes me want to hit the reset button, there’s just something about fall that puts that sentiment into overdrive. Lately, anytime I’m graced with a moment of down time, I can typically be found organizing a drawer, decluttering our basement,  or purging a closet in its entirety. I’ve fully subscribed to Marie Kondo‘s sentiment of tossing or donating everything that doesn’t bring me joy, or serve a purpose, and I have to admit it feels good amazing. I’ve slowly but surely gotten rid of almost all of our never-used junk and have been slowly restocking with thoughtful, useful, pieces that make me want to do a happy dance. Between replacing my formerly tattered robe with this guy (which feels like being snuggled by soft kittens and has instantly elevated my morning game), the most flattering white tunic, and fall inspired leggings that can be dressed up or down, here are a few things I’ve purchased lately (or that I seriously have my eye on). A few fall essentials, if you will. 
currently covetting

1. Pyjamas | 2. Marble Table | 3. Robe | 4. Pyjama Set 
5. Aesop Soap | 6. Sweatshirt with Bow Sleeves | 7. Oxford Shoe
8. Faux Leather Leggings | 9. Tunic Sweater | 10. Grey Slippers
11. Eyeglasses | 12. Plaid Leggings | 13. Blush Sweatshirt
14. Tunic Blouse | 15. Pink Suede Loafer
16. Linen Pillow | 17. Tassel Throw

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  1. I need all the help I can get to brace for the cooler weather! I bought a pair of Spanx leather-like moto leggings just this past weekend. Now I need to invest in a couple of tunics…that bring me joy, of course!!!

  2. andrea lanyi says:

    what about that cozy, squishy sweater featured in the main picture? where’s that from????

  3. Diego Lopes says:

    These are awesome! I wanted to surprise my girlfrind and your list will help me out a lot. Thank you!

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