Sep 12

A Peek at the Most Beautiful Chicago Greystone in the World

alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-the-everygirl-living-room-3SHOP THE LOOK: 

While I know there’s an abundance of incredible home tours that exist out there, as the years go on I find myself getting pickier and pickier with the ones in which make the cut for my house envy vertical. As a result, there are very few in which fully embody my design sensibilities to perfection. While most of them check a lot of the right boxes, it isn’t often that there isn’t a single thing I’d change. So you can imagine my excitement when Alaina, co-founder of The Everygirl, revealed her stunning Chicago greystone just the other week. From the sky high ceilings to the monochromatic palette done in such a way so that it’s anything-but-boring, it’s my personal design perfection in every sense of the word. And you simply need to see it for yourself. (PS – there’s a ton of other photos on their site, plus a video tour, here, if you find yourself craving more)

alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-the-everygirl-living-room-4 alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-the-everygirl-living-room-6 alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-the-everygirl-living-room-13 alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-the-everygirl-living-room-12 alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-the-everygirl-bedroom-entryway-2 alaina-kaczmarski-home-entry alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-dining-room-1 alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-dining-room-5 alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-dining-room-2 alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-the-everygirl-bedroom-2 alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-the-everygirl-bedroom-5 alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-the-everygirl-bedroom-7 alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-the-everygirl-bedroom-nightstand-1 alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-the-everygirl-bedroom-8 alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-the-everygirl-bedroom-10-1 alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-the-everygirl-guset-room-2

Design: Alaina Kaczmarski | Source: The Everygirl | Photography: Aimee Mazzenga

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  1. Susan says:

    Beautiful but where’s the kitchen! ;)

  2. Wow! Not boring! Not boring! Not boring! SOOOOO FAB!!!

  3. Rebecca Neustel says:

    So timeless and elegant! I agree, I wouldn’t change anything, either.

  4. This is just fabulous home. It’s fascinatinating how everything is white and still it’s not boring at all.

  5. this just looks simply awesome. shows how free standing furniture can be so elegant when done in the right way

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