May 31

My Very Best Tricks for Styling Your Coffee Table

Glam 2
I’m fairly confident I’ve started many a blog post with this very sentence, but that just proves how deeply I mean it. Design, my friends, is in the details. Everything from the finish of your curtain rings to the scent of that candle on your table makes a difference. And while individually they may not matter, together they add up to make the whole of your space. So if this sort of thing is important to you, stay tuned, because I’ve partnered with Urban Barn to divulge my biggest coffee table styling tricks. And, in order to do so, I’ve styled my coffee table three entirely different ways to help show you a few variations so that you, too, can make yours come to life.

[break]STYLE Nº I: GLAM


Glam 1

In most cases, there are typically five main components that I always use to style my client’s coffee tables. A tray to corral all of those loose bits and baubles. A sculpture of some variety for interest. A vase (or two) for height. A series of books. And something green to add a little life. In the case of the “glam” version of my coffee table, I kept the palette on the cool and crisp side, playing with a lot of blue and silvery tones to add that instant luxe factor.  

Glam 4 Glam 3 Glam 5[break]

GLAM SOURCES: Tray | Sculpture | Glass Beads | Vases | Candle



Rustic 1


For the rustic coffee table, the secret was to play with a lot of texture. Much like the glam coffee table, the base remains the same. We still have a tray (of some variety), a vase, a sculpture (or two in this case), a stack of books, and some greenery for life. But the secret for a more rustic, casual affairs, is to avoid any materials that felt overly glitzy or blingy. I made sure to include a hint of wood – in antler format for bonus rustic points – some wilder greens, and a lot of wrought iron to ground everything. Rustic 5 Rustic 4 Rustic 3 Rustic 2[break]

RUSTIC SOURCES: Antlers | Sculpture | Vase | Tealight Holders



Global 1

And last but not least we have the global option. For this option, it was really important to me to use items that feel as if they have history. Like they have been collected slowly, over time, throughout my travels. Again, the rule of five still applies here. Yet, in contrast to both the rustic and the glam approach, each item has a bit of a patina. Like it has really lived its life. 

Global 3 Global 5 Global 4 Global 2


GLOBAL SOURCES: Tray | Box | Keys Sculpture | Vase


There you have it. One coffee table, three entirely different styles, all using the same main components in different variations. As far as I’m concerned, so long as you stick to a cohesive colour palette, play with height, shape, and texture, you should find yourself with a beautifully styled coffee table when all is said and done.[break]

Thank you to Urban Barn for partnering with me on this post

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  1. I love the rule of 5! I’m definitely going to play around with this for my coffee table!

  2. Brenda Akins says:

    I love all three table tops! I need to style the console table in our family room, so this is both timely and helpful!!!

  3. Angie says:

    All 3 are beautiful.

  4. Anna says:

    I love these ideas. I am now sat here remembering my childhood. My parents had a big coffee table, but we were not allowed to put coffee cups on it, even with coasters in case we spilled!

  5. carmel says:

    I love all these ideas. It’s a pity that I don’t have a big coffee table at home to copy some of them!

  6. Daniel says:

    I would love to have room in my home for such a big table. I believe that a coffee table can become a real focal point in the home

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