May 30

A Beach House to Trump All Beach Houses



I was recently catching up on one of my longtime favourite blogs, Apartment 34, when I stumbled upon this modern beach house. And the moment I laid eyes on it, I swear the clouds parted and angels began to sing a soft hymn. It isn’t often that I see a home in which I’d happily move in without touching a thing, but it’s safe to say that this baby does it. From the elegant mouldings to the modern furniture, it’s picture perfect in every sense of the word and is taking all my willpower not to pin each image multiple times over. 

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[break]Photos: Felix Forest | Source: Est Magazine 

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  1. Peg Allegretto says:

    It has you written all over it!! xo

  2. Pony Car Girl says:

    Just personally speaking, this is not my idea of a beach house.

  3. Thank you for the shout out my dear! xx

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  5. cristy jones says:

    May i have honour to spend a single day in this house at any cost.I just say it’s wonderfull

  6. great post
    i would like to live at this house at least for few days
    thank you for the informative post

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