Feb 3

Scenes from my Week

Though I’ve made a concerted effort not to jam-pack my schedule this year, I definitely dropped the ball this week and took on way more than I should have. I should know better at this point – I mean, the minute I overdo it the anxiety creeps back in, which isn’t news to me. But instead of adding fuel to the fire, I’ve decided to give myself grace, and keep perspective. Something that, while difficult, has definitely helped keep me on track. After all, there were definite bright spots in an otherwise nutty week. Like the sweet Valentine’s day cards that made their way into my mailbox, an office that’s this close to moving into, and the most mouth-watering heart-shaped pastries that my cousin (who own La Bastille with her husband) dropped off at my door step. Plus, the reminder that next week is a brand new week, and another chance to get it right. As always, here’s a peek at the bright spots of my week, in photos.

{ABOVE: the most incredible Valentine’s Day pastry, from my sweet cousin}

goldendoodle{a sleepy pup (who insists on following me into the bathroom)}

valentine's day cards{sending out a few love notes to some far away friends}

donuts{Justin’s birthday donuts}

wallpaper {serious progress in our office}


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  1. I love your wallpaper!

  2. Paula says:

    I would love to know what the wallpaper is! It exactly what I am looking for in m bedroom :)

  3. Suzan says:

    Those donuts look mouthwatering! Where are they from?

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