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DIY Flower Stir Sticks

DIY flower stir sticks

I’ve said time and time again that design is in the details, and this rings particularly true when hosting an event. While you could easily go all out in a multitude of different ways, when I’m hosting a gathering I prefer to stick to one or two simple, yet impactful, moments to really bring it all to life.  Whether it’s a bountiful flower arrangement, a really pretty dessert table backdrop (floating floral wall anyone?), or something as simple as these DIY flower stir sticks, it doesn’t take much to make your party wow-worthy. With photos from Heidi Lau, grab the simple steps below!

DIY flower stir sticks DIY flower stir sticks DIY flower stir sticks DIY flower stir sticks


Fresh flowers of your choice, trimmed with 2″ stems
Bamboo skewers
26 gauge silver or copper wire (I bought mine at Michael’s)


1:: Using a sharp exacto knife, trim the bamboo skewer to desired length (ours were around 6″ long)
2:: Cut your wire to around 6″ long
3:: Grab a flower or two, plus a leaf or two of your choice and wrap the wire around both the stem of the flower, leaves, and bamboo skewers until secure. Cut, or tuck, any sharp wire edges. 
4:: Place in your drink as stir stick and enjoy

[break]Photography: Heidi Lau

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