Dec 15

Heidi’s Studio Reveal


I’m fairly confident that I don’t need to, yet again, wax poetic about my love affair with wedding and lifestyle photographer, Heidi Lau.I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I’m sure we all know by now that the obsession is real. This whole blog thing has been such a gift in my life in so many ways, but perhaps my favourite of all has been the chance to collaborate (and obsess over beautiful details) with like-minded individuals.

Heidi and I have worked together on many, many, (many), projects over the course of the last year, but this one right here may just be my favourite. Not long after I announced I was starting my own business, Heidi and her husband purchased a home just outside of the city, which was in need of a fair bit of help (ie: dusty rose walls and lavender wall to wall carpeting – yum!) Luckily, they were able to see past the original pastel mess, and ultimately took the plunge. Not long afterwards, I was brought on to help her transform her living room/dining room into her dining room/photography studio (you can see where we began right here).

We worked together over the past few months to come up with the perfect design, that worked for both her work life and family life, and I’m so excited to share with you all exactly where we landed. With photos from Heidi herself, and flowers provided by my sweet friend Becky, the results feel timelessly elegant, and Heidi to a T. If you’re interested in seeing more (and reading more about the process), feel free to head on over to our feature in Rue Magazine!

heidilau_p_llhls-01 heidilau_p_llhls-02 heidilau_p_llhls-03

{a far cry from the delightful before shot}

heidilau_p_llhls-04 heidilau_p_llhls-05{a lovely little nook}

heidilau_p_llhls-06 heidilau_p_llhls-07 heidilau_p_llhls-08

{dreamy solid marble lamps}

heidilau_p_llhls-09 heidilau_p_llhls-10

{insanely beautiful flowers from Blush & Bloom}

heidilau_p_llhls-11 heidilau_p_llhls-12 heidilau_p_llhls-13

{a moment for Heidi’s grooms}

heidilau_p_llhls-14 heidilau_p_llhls-15

{simple details}

heidilau_p_llhls-16 heidilau_p_llhls-17

{the studio side}

heidilau_p_llhls-18 heidilau_p_llhls-19 heidilau_p_llhls-20 heidilau_p_llhls-21
If you’re looking to update your space, please feel free to contact me! I’m currently booking for projects in 2016.


[break]Interior Design: Lark & Linen | Photography: Heidi Lau | Flowers: Blush & Bloom

Paint Colour: Benjamin Moore – Chantilly Lace | Tufted Chair: Elte | Dining Table: Existing | Dining Chair: Restoration Hardware | Chandelier: Restoration Hardware | Sideboard: Restoration Hardware | Rug: Pottery Barn | Marble Lamps: Elte | Cocktail Table: Elte | Bench: Elte | Watercolour Pillow: Elte | Gold Candlesticks: Crate & Barrel | White Candelabra: Zara Home | Crystal Jar: Zara Home | Black Jug: Indigo | Agate & Gold Coasters: Elte | Lustre Pillow: Elte | Floral Pillow: Arianne Belle | Ties: Tytan Ties

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  1. acsilver says:

    This is stunning! A really fresh looking yet elegant space. I really like your use of candlesticks both on the mantle and the table! Working within the antique silverware industry we do appreciate the beauty of such pieces such as silver candlesticks I really do think that add so much elegance to a room, as well as being usable. I always find candlelight has a much more relaxing ambiance than electric lighting.

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