Aug 31

A Grown Up Slumber Party

Girls' night in party
Although I’ve lived with my boyfriend for four and a half years now, and he’s fully on board the pyjama party and movie night bandwagon, I must admit that I do miss the days of late-night-cookie-baking, face-mask-wearing, chick-flick watching, clothes-sharing, heart-to-heart, year-round grown up slumber party fun with my old roommate. Your early 20’s man, they just can’t be replaced, you know?

While my girlfriends and I do make a point to catch up when we can with cottage weekends and regular dinners, the opportunity doesn’t present itself as often as I’d like. Which is why when Palm Bay asked my girlfriends Gaby, Victoria, and I to help host a girls’ night in party it was met with a resounding yes! Any excuse to indulge in a girly pyjama-clad evening with some of my favourite people is aces in my books, let’s be honest.

Our theme: one last easy, breezy, summer hurrah. Simple but beautiful eats the likes of sandwiches wrapped in parchment and twine, the world’s best DIY “dipping station”*, Gaby’s world-famous cheese plate, and juicy watermelon on a stick were set out to nosh on. A bucket of berry beverages was at arm’s length away all night, and we made sure to stay hydrated thanks to our “infused water station”. Stacks of magazines, bowls filled with nail polish, board games, and a handful of face masks helped set the stage, and with that we were off to the girls’ night in races!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as both Gaby and I unveil some of our simple tips, tricks, and recipes so you, too, can host a beautiful, yet easy, grown up slumber party! And if you’re hankering for me, make sure you head on over to The Vault Files. 

*yes, I still dream about our dipping station

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[break]Photography: Heidi Lau | Cocktails: Palm Bay | Gaby’s Wearing: Gap Pyjamas | Victoria’s Wearing: Melvik Loungewear | I’m Wearing: Joe Fresh Pyjamas & Robe | Homemade Vanilla Bean Marshmallows: I Love Puffy Love | This post is in partnership with Palm Bay Spritz & The Vault Files

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