Oct 16

Scenes from my Week

Pink roses and hydrangeas{birthday blooms from my brother and his girlfriend}

And just like that I am officially thirty! I thought I would be freaked out by this notion, but in fact just the opposite is true. I’m actually quite proud of everything I’ve accomplished thus far, and am excited for all of the changes on the horizon. Babies, marriage, first homes… there is still so much to look forward to and I truly cannot wait to see what the next few years of my life will bring. While I anticipated being alright with this milestone, I made sure to ease the transition the best way I knew how, you know, just in case. Lunch with my mom, an appointment with our jeweller to design a necklace using the gold and diamond from one of my grandmother’s old rings*, followed by a 90 minute massage, and pizza with my entire family. So if any of you ARE freaked out by turning thirty, this recipe definitely eases the blow! As always, a few more moments from my week.  
*the sweetest 30th birthday gift from my mother, that I look forward to passing down to my future daughter on her 30th

roasted vegetables for Thanksgiving{roasted veggies for Thanksgiving dinner}

The spa{an afternoon at the spa}

necklace design{designing my necklace}

Siamese kitten {kitten cuddles}

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