Oct 20

Lark & Linen 3.0

In light of my thirtieth birthday, and the brand new me that goes along with it, it really only made sense for my blog to get a fresh start as well. Clean slate, new beginnings, and all that jazz. Basically: this little guy is all grown up!

It’s been a number of years since I first re-designed my site, and while I loved the look and feel of Lark & Linen 2.0, it was getting a little hectic behind the scenes. Things were taking forever to load, my search bar was doing a terrible job of filtering my content, and there was no real way to dig into the goodies buried within my archives. You guys, there are all sorts of things back there that even forgot about. Lots of goodness that simply need more time in the limelight (and a few that really do need to remain buried – yikes!)


I known for a while it was high time for a refresh, so I reached out to my friend Sarah, graphic & web designer extraordinaire, and in an act of desperation I’m pretty sure that initial email just said “help meeee”. While the look, vibe and branding is more or less consistent from years’ past, albeit with a beautiful Sarah Lane-esque nip & tuck here and there*, my goal was to ultimately to make this space work harder for all of us. And that’s just what she did! Everything has been re-coded, organized, tagged, categorized – placed in nifty little grids. It’s a my type-A personal heaven, I’m telling you. My search bar is a DREAM. My backend? Oh how I wish you could see my back end! It’s a work of art, I swear. 

White office

In addition to the magnificence that is a well-organized site, we’ve added a few new notable features. First and foremost, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite shops. The focus is on my go-to resources when designing a space (which we’re still working on but you can check out here), but you can also shop the things I’m currently lusting after for my closet and medicine cabinet too. And my new newsletter? We should talk about that while we’re at it because it, too, has gotten a brand spankin’ new look. In addition to your daily notifications of new posts via email (which you can now choose to receive weekly, if your inbox is a war zone like mine), I’ll be penning a monthly newsletter, starting next month! I’m going to begin by answering  a few monthly reader q&a’s, but there will likely be behind the scenes peeks, designer secrets, and other things you’ll only really get your hands on if you’re a part of the circle. As far as the reader q&a goes, whether they’re of the design dilemma front (more than likely), the relationship front, the blog front, or the like – I’d love for you to use my fancy new contact form to submit your question(s) – I’ll do my best to respond to each and every one!  

Custom illustrations

While we still have a few more fancy goodies we’ll be rolling out in the coming months, for now please enjoy all of the freshly organized content, all spic and span. Thanks for all of your love and support over the last few years – I truly cannot wait to see what’s next. 

Pretty things

*how much do you love those little illustrations when you hover over the main navigation bar? She drew them by hand and I’m completely obsessed.

[break]Photography & Styling: Sarah Lane for Lark & Linen

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