Jan 5

The Best of 2014

I’d love to say that the last few days off have been incredibly rejuvenating and I’m ready to take on 2015 like it’s nobodies business, but in fact just the opposite is true. A few days after Christmas, I was hit with what can only be described as the plague. Strep throat, more than likely a touch of the flu, and a wicked cough to boot – I’ve got it all in spades! I’m still coming around, and am trying not to let the fact that both Justin and I slept through the turn of the New Year get me down. But 2015? You need to smarten up already!

Before we get back to  it, I thought it’d be fun to take a quick look back at 2014. A year filled with incredible highs, and terrible lows (starting my own business has been wonderfully thrilling, but I have to admit it’s been an anxiety riddled few months – my patience tested, my boundaries pushed, and my comfort zone wayyyy over there). All in all, though, it’s been a beautiful year filled with growth, opportunity and more than a handful of incredible moments. Here are a few of my favourite posts (and some of yours too!)


1. The most delicious homemade strawberry poptarts
2. 12 of my favourite shops for home accessories 
3. Ridiculous apple cider marshmallows 
4. The post that landed me the job at SMP Living
5. Musings on my trip to South Africa
6. That day my sister got married! 
7. The prettiest cocktail that ever was (it’s delicious too)



8. The begining of a braid bar series
9. A homemade popcorn bar DIY
10. Finally unveiling my home tour!  
11. A dinner party for 20  
12. In the running for my favourite home tour 
13. The moment I launched my own business!! 
14. and that time my Instagram Photos made it into an art installation!

Bring it 2015!

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