Sep 17

12 Amazing Shops for Home Accessories

12 shops for home accessories (so good!)

I get a ton of questions from readers and clients alike saying that they love their house, but it’s missing that something something that makes it feel like home. And my response is always the same: you probably need accessories! More often than not, said space could use a few key factors: an incredible rug, some drool-worthy toss cushions, cute vases and a few carefully selected tchotchkes. Add in a cozy throw and you, my friend, have got yourself a home. They may seem like minute details, but take it from me, design isn’t in the details, it IS the details. Though I’m allllllways on the hunt for the latest and greatest, I do have a handful of favourite shops for home accessories I know I can rely on time and time again. From big box shops to one-off places, these have been my go-to’s for as long as I can remember!

What about you? Any favourites I should add to my ever growing roster? 


Photography: Buffy Dekmar | Shop: Honeycomb Studios (also an amazing resource for home accessories, side note!)

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  1. Eiko says:

    This is my first foray into the blog world, but I have been looking for a good blog to read for a long time. Even though it’s a different field than the one that I am based in, I enjoyed reading your posts.

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