Jun 11

DIY Yipee Cake Topper


If my tea party favour project is any example, when it comes to DIY I definitely fall into the simpler-the-better camp. Though I like to believe that there are many things I excel at, DIY projects are not one of them. That said, I did (loosely) come up with another ridiculously simple project for my sisters’ bridal shower and I couldn’t help but share. This Yipee cake topper ended up being a bit of a star, making this fantastic cake shine just a little bit brighter.

Click below for the steps!

diy-cake-topper diy-cake-topper_yipee


5 Bamboo skewers
Hot glue gun + glue
8.5″ x 11″ white cardstock
Free Yipee template (click here to download it)

instructionsstep-1Download and print the template onto the cardstock

step-2 Carefully cut out all of the letters

step-3 Glue the bamboo skewers onto the back of each letter

step-4Stick em in your cake and enjoy!


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