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DIY Tea Party Favors


My mom and I recently hosted a mini bridal shower in celebration of my big sisters’ upcoming nuptials. The theme: a modern tea party, complete with delicious eats, unexpected decor, and really great people. Though the gathering was intended to be small and intimate, I didn’t want to send our guests home empty handed and needed a way to thank them for joining us on that sunny Saturday afternoon. Enter: a simple tea party favour. A mini box (shaped as a milk carton, no less!) filled with everything your guests will need to steep a cup of warm deliciousness at home. I wasn’t originally planning on sharing them (DIY is not exactly my forte), but I’m really happy with how they turned out and I thought they were too cute to keep to myself! 
tea-tubes tags DIY-tea-tube tea-tubes_2 tea-party-favors disposable-tea-bagsDIY-Tea-Party-Favors3

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treat carton, assembled
2 small corked vials
Embroidery thread (I used 4 colours)
3 small tags (I bought mine at Michaels but they’d be easy to make with cardstock & a hole punch)
Loose leaf tea (I ordered chai, peppermint and english breakfast from Tea Sante
Paper crinkle (I used white)
paper tea filters
NOTE: these instructions are for making 1 favour. Make sure to multiply the material, depending on how many you’re making!


Fill each vial with a different type of loose leaf tea and seal it tightly with the cork

Write the tea type on each tag and tie them around the vials necks using a small string of embroidery thread.

Grab your paper tea filters and roll them into a tiny scroll, securing with a different colour embroidery thread.

Tuck a small handful of paper crinkle into the bottom of your assembled treat carton, add your tea tubes and tea filters and seal. 

Grab an 18″ length of each of your four embroidery thread colours and wrap them around your tea carton twice, securing with a knot and incorporating a tiny, hand written, thank you tag. 


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