May 23

Lovely & Unrelated

I fully subscribe to the notion that happiness is a choice, and though we can’t control the cards we’ve been dealt in life, we CAN control how we react to them. And though I typically pride myself on my ability to find the silver lining in most any situation, the past few days have proven difficult – and, really, for no good reason at all. Though there are always ups and downs behind the scenes in blogland (I assure you, this pretty facade is often just that!), this down has felt particularly low. But no longer! The weekend’s here, I have a wedding shower to throw for my wonderful sister, and some aunts and cousins to love on.  While I’m gone, I’ve rounded up a few links that have helped make me smile the past few days, and if anyone has any extra juju to spare, I’d so appreciate a vibe or two sent this way!

:: I’m inspired by this woman and her mission
:: Happiness in sugar cookie form
:: How to stay sane in this crazy internet land
:: Fabulous packaging
:: Is it iced coffee weather? 
:: My wanderlust has, once again, been ignited
:: I hate perpetuating Canadian stereotypes, but this made me smile
:: Goats on a steel ribbon (obviously)

In addition, I want to give a big fat hug to the following folks who have linked to my blog the past few weeks. You guys are simply the greatest!
:: Huffington Post
:: House & Home
:: We Resolve
:: Girls on a Whim 
:: Re:creative Blog
:: Paper & Stitch
:: Comfy Cozy Couture
:: Vmac + Cheese 
:: Elle M

In addition, last week I cracked 10k pinterest followers! INSANE!


White Vignette: Liebesbotschaft | Grapefruit Ginger & Lemongrass Cocktail: The Bojon Gourmet | Grapefruit Margarita: Apartment 34 | Bedroom: Femina

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