Jan 24

scenes from my weekend.

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Despite the fact that my typical instinct during the winter months is to hibernate, on Saturday we embraced the cold! We headed outside dressed in as many layers as we could muster (I wore two of everything) and braved the frosty weather for the sake of a tobogganing/skating party to celebrate my little sisters birth. My uncle, an incredible cook, made homemade jamaican patties, my stepmom brought pierogies and hot chocolate was abound. Justin and I made cookies to enjoy hillside, but unfortunately they never made it out of the house (they were basically gone upon our arrival. A good sign I suppose.) It was a winter wonderland. We may have spent more time eating by the side of the hill than on the ice, but so be it. Later, we headed back to my aunts to warm up with stew and ox tail. It almost worked (except I’m still cold).

On Sunday I woke up craving waffles something fierce. Justin and I headed out on a mission: find Toronto’s best waffle. I do believe that we were successful in this endeavor. We ventured over to the west side of the city to check out Goet Eten, a sweet little belgium café with loose leaf teas, a variety of breakfast items, and probably the best waffle I’ve ever eaten in my life (aside from any that my Grandma has made, but that’s not fair because hers are made with actual physical love and that just cannot be competed with). The best part? My waffle was only $5.00! So go. Run. Get yourself some inexpensive, yet incredibly delicious waffles!

After some waffle eating, a bit of thrifting and a lot of complaining about the frigid weather, we topped off the day at the movie theatre (hibernation mode back in effect) where we saw Blue Valentine. My heart is still wrenched but my God it was a good movie.

Good weekend? I’d say so. How was yours?!

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