Jan 21

currently coveting: pretty tea cups.


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In the past I’ve mentioned that I’m always an advocate for supporting local products, especially when they’re hand crafted and specially designed, and especially when they’re as stinkin’ cute as these guys. I’m even more of a fan of designer Ange-line Tetrault because she too went to OCAD. In fact, she’s still there finishing up her last year of industrial design. It’s like one lovely little art school world! I’ve noticed these mugs here and there around the interwebs and they just slay me every time. Who wouldn’t want a sweet little owl poking out of their almost empty tea mug? Nobody, that’s who.

If you’re in and around the Toronto area, you should come and take a look at Ange-lines work (along with a ton of other incredibly talented female designers) at the upcoming design show Capacity. I was fortunate enough to have gone to school with a number of the designers and I must say, these ladies ooze skill and you should prepare yourself for leaving with an armful of goodies. I’ll be there trying to convince myself that I don’t need any more tea cups.

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