Jan 25

house envy: scandinavian love.


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Throughout middle school and into highschool I had two friends with whom I was more or less inseparable. Jess, the eldest of the two, just so happened to be Swedish. Throughout our childhood, all three of us had an understanding that Jess won at everything. She just did. Her Halloween costume was always the sparkliest, her piece of cake was always the largest, her boobs came well before ours (sorry to talk about your boobs in a public setting Jess. sometimes it happens) and without even trying, her doodles were unquestionably perfect (meanwhile I was to be the artist!) Everything she touched turned to gold.

I’m not sure what it is about those Nordic countries, but they have something in their blood. Jess is not the only exception. There is something that oozes beauty, creativity, style, functionality and sometimes, just plain ol’ luck. My obsession with Scandinavian design, both in interiors and in friends (ha what a weird thing to say), is no secret. And this Swedish country home fits the bill for everything that makes my heart skip a beat. Between the inexpensive Ikea chairs, handmade coffee tables, black accent walls and a number of great finds, this home is pure perfection in my books. One that I’m sure Jess will end up showing off sometime in her future. And you better believe that hers will be bigger, more stylish and far prettier than mine (even though I’m the interior designer. This is just how it is).

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