Nov 29

scenes from my weekend.

Two things:

One: we celebrated one of my very best friends 25th birthday on Friday night. It was amazing. Guacamole (in mass quantities) was involved. Unfortunately the guac didn’t make it out alive.

Two: I finally finished Danielle’s room! (see the sneak peek here). The last-minute touches, the hours spent shopping, the photo shoot… all of it took a ton of work, but it looks amazing and I can’t wait to share the pictures with you. The only problem? I think I need a weekend break from my weekend.

Side note:  beginning tomorrow I’ll be celebrating the kick off to December (where it’s officially acceptable to hum Christmas music, watch Elf on repeat and spread all of the joy), I’ll be sharing a pretty amazing gift guide I’ve put together. So stay tuned! (and for the sake of my gift guide/December kick off/fitting the guide into one week, lets just pretend that tomorrow is the first day of December. K? Thanks)

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